How to delete user account data in User Management

How to delete a computer user account

Enter the Control Panel and then click Change User Type

Select the account to be deleted here;

Then click Delete Account;

Whether or not to save the information related to this account on this machine, delete or save depends on your own actual situation.

Confirm deleting the account. If the user has a lot of profiles, it will take longer to delete them


Win10 computer administrator account how to delete

This video demonstrates the model: assembled desktop, adapt to the system: Windows 10 Home Chinese version;

Tap the Win10 system computer desktop in the lower left corner of the 【Start】 icon, select 【Settings】, in the 【Windows Settings】 interface to find and click on 【Accounts】 icon;

This video demonstrates how to delete the administrator account of a computer in a Win10 system. Click on the left side of the [Family and Other Users], in the [Other Users] below you can see the extra account information;

Select the account to be deleted, and then click on [Delete], in the pop-up warning box you can see [Delete this person’s account, it will delete all of their data on this computer], it is recommended that before deleting the account can be backed up, if you are sure to [Delete] click on [Delete Account and Data], wait for the completion of the deletion can be. If you are sure about the deletion, click [Delete Accounts and Data] and wait for the deletion to complete.

How to delete OPPO account personal data

If you need to delete your account personal data, you need to meet the following conditions at the same time:

1, the frequency of deletion, you can only delete it once in every 30 natural days, counting from the next day after the last deletion.

2. The account has not changed its cell phone number, email address or emergency contact within 7 days.

If you meet the conditions, you can delete your username, avatar, gender, birthday, theme downloads, favorites, and other personal account information. You need to click on the personal data management website to log in to your account, then slide to the bottom, find “Personal Data Management”, click “View” to enter the personal data management page, click “Delete Personal Data”, enter your account number, and then click “Delete Personal Data” to delete your personal data. Click “Delete personal data”, enter your account password, select the personal data you want to delete, click “Next”, and pass the cell phone verification.

Warm tips:

①After deleting the data, the historical data can’t be used as the complaint data, and all the available account information will be based on the newly generated usage records.

②Non-deletable data: the positive binding of the cell phone number \ mailbox, password, emergency contacts, real-name authentication, other business records (recharge, cloud services, etc.).

How to perform user data erasure

How to perform user data erasure?

With the continuous development of technology, the collection of user data is increasing, and people are more and more concerned about data privacy. In order to protect users’ privacy, many apps or websites provide the function of deleting accounts or clearing user data. So, how to proceed to erase user data?

First, it’s important to know exactly what user data the app or website is collecting. These data may include the user’s personal information, search history, browsing history, purchase history, and so on. Before proceeding with data erasure, you should carefully review the privacy policy of the app or website to determine what data can be deleted.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the following points when performing data erasure operations:

1. Backup data: Before erasing data, be sure to back up important data to avoid deleting it by mistake.

2. Logout: Some applications or websites can only erase user data after logging out of the account. Therefore, we need to log out of the account before proceeding with data erasure.

3. Clear Cache: In apps or websites, there are some temporary data, also known as cache data. This data takes up device storage space and also affects the running speed of the application or website. So, we need to clear these cached data.

4. Delete Browser History: Browsers store the history of our visits to websites, as well as some password and form data. So, before clearing the data, we need to delete the history from the browser.

5. Clear Cookies: Cookies are a technology used by websites to store some data on the user’s computer. In order to protect our privacy, we need to clear the cookies stored on our computer by the website.

In short, data clearing is very important and tech apps or websites need to use user data legally and compliantly and protect user privacy. Users can follow the above steps to safely erase their data and ensure that their data privacy is protected.

How to delete a user account between different administrator accounts?

If you have two computer administrator accounts on your computer, you can delete one of them by following these steps:

1. Log in to the administrator account you want to keep.

2. Open the Control Panel. You can find it from the Start menu or by typing “Control Panel” in the taskbar search bar.

3. In the Control Panel, select “User Accounts” or “User Accounts and Home Security”.

4. On the User Accounts page, click “Manage other accounts” or “Manage other user accounts”.

5. In the list of user accounts, find the administrator account you want to delete.

6. Click to select the administrator account you want to delete, and then select “Delete Account”.

7. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion, so if you are sure you want to delete the account, please continue.

Please note that deleting an administrator account may require administrator privileges, so make sure you are logged into another administrator account. Also, please proceed with caution to ensure that you are deleting the correct account so that you do not accidentally delete important data.

Where to delete it? Don’t worry the next Xiao Xiao will teach you win7 system to delete redundant account steps.

win7 delete redundant account steps:

1, first open the “Control Panel” select “User Accounts and Home Security”.

2. Find “Add or Remove Accounts” under “User Accounts”.

3. Select the account you want to delete and open it to find “Delete Account” on the left.

4. When deleting, you will be prompted whether to keep the user files (you can decide whether to keep them or not according to your needs).

5. Enter the OK screen and select “Delete Account”.

The above is the Win7 system to remove redundant account steps, the need for users can follow the above steps to set up, I hope to help you.