How to empty the contents of a word table

word delete text in the table

Word document to delete the text in the table method

1. Select all the text in the table.

2. Right-click and select \”Delete\” or \”Clear Format\”.

3. To delete the entire table, select the entire table and press the \”Delete\” button.

1. Introduction

In our daily work and study, we often need to use Word document processing and editing. However, sometimes we will encounter some very difficult problems in the document, such as the form of text can not be deleted. Therefore, this article will introduce how to delete Word documents within the form of text, and provide some practical tips and tricks.

2. Delete text using the delete command

The easiest way to delete the text within the form is to use the delete command. In the form of double-click on the text to be deleted to select, and then press the keyboard \”Delete\” button, or right-click and select \”Delete\” command can be.

3. Use clear formatting commands to delete text

Sometimes, we will encounter in Word documents can not be deleted text, which may be due to the text has a unique format, such as fonts, colors, sizes and so on. At this time, we can use the Clear Format command to remove these texts. Specific methods are as follows:

1. Select the form of the text to be deleted.

2. In \”Start \” tab under the choice \”Clear Format \” command.

3. In the pop-up \”Clear Format \” dialog box, select \”Clear All \” option. Click \”OK\” button to delete the text.

4. Manually clear the format to delete the text

If the above method is not effective, we can also try to manually clear the format of the text. The specific method is as follows:

1. Select the text to be deleted.

2. In \”Font\” label, the font type and font size to the same format with the surrounding text.

3. Under the \”Color\” tab, select the color as the same as the surrounding text.

4. In \”Paragraph\” tab, the line spacing and paragraph before and after the same.

5. Determine the above changes, and then again to delete the command or clear the formatting command can be.

5. Convert the form into a text box

If the form of text still can not be deleted, we can convert the form into a text box and then operate. The steps are as follows:

1. Select the form to be converted.

2. In \”Layout \” tab under the choice \ “location \” command.

3. In the pop-up window, select \ “Text Box \” tab.

4. Select a suitable text box style and click \ “OK \” button.

5. Mouse click inside the text box to select the text box.

6. Right-click on the selected text box, select \”Text Box Formatting\” command, the necessary text formatting and layout. After completing the delete command or clear the formatting command can be done again.


word delete cell content

1, open the word file, for example, enter a good form. First of all selected form. Press backspace key to delete the entire content plus all the forms. Press delet key content deleted, leaving only the form.

2, if you want to delete the table, then, select which line or column, right-click to delete the cell – delete the entire line or column can be.

3, Note: excel clear data or text, then, right-click – clear the content can be used.

word how to clear the table content

We are in the word document editing, often need to delete the document does not need the content of the form, then how to clear the word table content? Take a look at this article.

word clear the form content of the following methods:

The first method: open word, create a form, enter the content you want.

Then the mouse long left button to select the contents of the need to delete

Selected, click the right mouse button to pop up a dialog box to choose to delete the cell, this will pop up a dialog box as follows.

Left mouse button click [below the cell] to move up, so you can delete the contents of the form

The second method: like the first method of the second step of the selection of the need to delete the part of the keyboard to find the [Del] key to click on the keyboard, you can directly delete it. (Some keyboard is delete, in fact, are the same, are the delete key)

word form how to delete all the content

Methods are as follows:

Open the need to delete the word form, press the ctrl key and the A key to select the content in full, and then press the Delete key to delete can be achieved by deleting all the content; open the need to delete the word form, with the mouse click on the full selection, and then press the Delete key to delete can be achieved by deleting all the content. word is the core program of microsoft office suite, word provides many easy to use document creation tools, but also provides a rich feature set for creating complex documents to use. Using Word to apply text formatting operations or image processing, you can also make simple documents become more attractive than just using plain text.

How to batch clear word form text

Batch clear word form text method is as follows:

1, select the text that meets the conditions for deletion, use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F5, you can realize a key to delete.

2, the second method is, open the text to be deleted, press Ctrl + A to select all the content, and then press Delete to delete can be achieved by deleting all the content.

Text editor can be Windows comes with Notepad, can also be other text editing software. In addition, you can use Python and other programming languages for text processing to automate delete and replace operations.

Text processing is a common operation in daily work, and mastering the related skills can improve work efficiency.

Note that this method can only delete exactly the same text, if it is a different text, can only be deleted one by one.

How to clear the contents of the form

Question 1: How to clear the contents of the Word form at once, and the form to retain the text to be selected within the form, do not point outside the form, that will remove the form as well.

The main plant is to look at the mouse pointer, if it is a black arrow on the right, the white arrow does not work, will delete the form.

Question 2: How to batch clear WORD form has been entered in the content to be cleared where the content of the form are selected, and then press del can, do not select the entire form, otherwise it will be deleted even the form of

Question 3: How to clear the content of the form of the word at once in the form of the content to be deleted inside the selection, press the DEL key to delete the content, can be removed. content, press the DEL key to delete can be. Do not select the form as a whole, otherwise the form is also gone

Question 4: WORD form of the text how to clear the mouse to the upper left corner of the form, when the cursor becomes a four-way arrow

click it

Press DEL

Question 5: How to excel table in the contents of the rapid deletion of the form of the contents of the form of pressing the DEL or right-click on the table and select Clear Content

Question 6: How to quickly clear the contents of a filled out spreadsheet? Select the entire data area – at the same time, press the ctrl and G keys – positioning conditions – select the “constants” – and then select the type of data you want to clear (text, numbers and so on) – OK – press the delete key on the keyboard – O

Question 7: WORD form of the contents of how to quickly remove the 1. Copy from the Web page to paste in WORD, in the edit point selective paste – & gt; Paste – & gt; no text format, so that the paste will not have a form.

2. We often download some text material from the Internet, often due to blank lines make the number of pages high. On the “blank line replacement” of the relevant articles have also read some, roughly this method: in the “Edit” menu to open the “Find and Replace” dialog box, in the “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content”, “Find Content” and “Find Content”. “Find Content” enter “^p^p” “Replace with” enter “^p”, and then “Replace All”.

And some of the above method is to try and fail, each time is a prompt: “Word has completed the search for documents and has completed the replacement of 0.” Why is the empty line in front of us, Word does not recognize it? After a careful search, found in the replacement method to remove the blank line to pay attention to two issues:

(1) distinguish the document with a manual line break (“Shift + Enter”), or paragraph markers

“^p^p ” replacing “^p” does not replace all blank lines. If you use manual line breaks in the file, then you have to replace “^l^l” with “^l” (which is not 1, but lowercase L. You can also use “Special Characters” in the Replace dialog box. ” in the Replace dialog box, there is “with manual line breaks”), the blank lines can be removed. The paper I’m going to use uses manual line breaks exactly. However, I also used “^l^l” to replace “^l”, with “Replace All” is still prompted “Word has completed the search of the document and has completed the replacement of 0 places. Word has completed the search for the document and has completed the replacement of 0,” which is why? I got confused, in order to find out where the problem is, I was in the Word document with manual line breaks and carriage returns to create some empty lines, with “^p^p” replaced by “^p” and “^l ^l” replaced by “^l” to verify that the results can successfully complete the removal of blank lines. Why can I replace the ones I typed myself, but not the ones I downloaded from the internet? Is there a “mechanism” here?

(2) Pay attention to the presence of spaces

I had no choice but to delete them manually. In the process of deletion, I found its secret: it turns out that there is a space in front of the line break of each blank line. Spaces have become the “culprit” of the toss me! And then use “^l^l” (note that there is a space between the two line feeds) replaced by “^l”, the replacement finally came to fruition. I clicked Replace All a couple of times, and changed the “What to look for” a couple of times, such as replacing “^p^l” with “^l,”. No more blank lines on my page.

It seems to replace the method to remove blank lines, to be flexible with the content of the search, otherwise, Word does not understand your heart. The computer is intelligent and the most “dead eyes”.

Question 8: How to delete the text in the WORD document form a one-time content? Move the mouse to the upper left corner of the form, there will be a black cross, click on the entire form will be selected, point Delete key will be able to delete the entire form of text at once.

Question 9: How to delete all the data in the excel table? First press ctrl+A, and then press delete