How to find flash material

Where to find animation materials in flash

Flash is vector animation software, so you can go for some vector graphics materials. These are common to both FLASH and AI.

Generally files with a .ai or .swf suffix

Also a Baidu search for flash animation material will bring up a lot of material

For example:

Square three-dimensional rotating flash animation material

Character silhouette flash animation material

Jumping pose flash vector animation

Jumping pose flash vector animation

Where can we find flash? p>

Where to find flash material and tutorials?

If the material, the general production of Flash is the use of vector material, you can go to the lazy gallery or to the material China to download, but also to some of the charges material site to search for download and use.

The production of tutorials, if the animation can be to a variety of video platforms to find tutorials, you can also buy some of the basic operation of the book, but also have some source files on CD-ROM.

If you have Flash or Animate software operation and code problems, you can send a private letter or message as soon as possible to answer.