How to force delete a folder command prompt

What is the command for “Force Delete File”?

1, first of all: in the start – run, in the run text box type cmd –> enter, wiXPn7 directly in the search box type cmd –> enter

2, in the pop-up black run window inside the input figure: del/? —> and then hit the Enter button. This will show the help information of this command. This screenshot of the window is changed properties, the color is not black. Just type the above command in a DOS window.

3, according to the help of the information to get the command to use is: del [parameters] [path folder or destination file]

For example:

To delete the “TimeEventNSIS.log” file under the c disk

This command is written as: delC:\TimeEventNSIS.log

If the deletion is mandatory, then write: del/F/S/QC:\TimeEventNSIS.log

If the deletion is a folder, then write: del/F/S/QC:\XXX folder

4, the last is, of course, the return to the execution of it! Of course this command can also use wildcards.

such as: . *? These

For example, to force the deletion of C:\XXX folder below all the notepad files.

Then the command is: del/F/S/QC:\XXX\*.txt —->Enter

You can delete all the notepad files under the C:\XXX folder.

1, third-party software tools: ice blade, unlock are forced to delete files, viruses, Trojan horses file powerful tool.

You can search directly in Baidu, download and install the use. The operation is very simple, watching the Chinese subtitles can be operated.

There is no need to repeat. If it is a virus, Trojan horse file is recommended to be deleted in safe mode!

2, 360 Security Guard, if their computers have been installed on the 360 Security Guard, and lazy down other software, then directly with the 360 forced to delete files. Right-click on the file, select “use 360 forced to delete”, carefully determine the file to be deleted, click on the file shredding.

3, if you click to crush the file can not be forced to delete, the file process is still hanging in the background, you need to delete the process, if you do not want to use the task manager to find the process, do not want to bother to log out of the computer or reboot the computer, then right-click on the file, select the “use of 360 to unoccupy the same This can be done by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Uninstall with 360”, and then forcing the file to be shredded.

How to force delete a folder on a computer

How to force delete a file

Sometimes a file, or folder on the system can’t be deleted how to delete it, prompting that the file is in use and so on. This can be solved by using the command Force Delete.

First of all, I would like to explain the method of deleting a folder forcibly: when deleting a folder, you can’t delete it, and the prompts shown in the figure below appear.

Then we will use the DOS command to force the deletion, click the desktop Start button, find the Run option.

Click Run, type CMD in the Run text box, and then Enter. Then at the DOS command line shown below, type: rd/s/qE:\acd, Note: rd/s/q followed by the path and folder name of the folder that needs to be forcefully deleted.

Again, the method of deleting files is explained: when I delete the file in the figure below, it is prompted that the file is in use and can not be deleted. Then I will DOS command to force the deletion of this file, also in the DOS command line inside the operation,

In the command line enter: del/s/f/qe:\QXOpenGame.exe, Note: del/s/f/q followed by the need to force the deletion of the file is located in the path and the folder name, the file name should be brought to the end of the extension.

After entering, the original file that could not be deleted has disappeared.

Can delete delete a file or folder at the command prompt?

Normally, you can delete a file or folder by pressing delete when it is selected, but you can delete a file or folder at the command prompt by using the del command.