How to install a second card in Huawei Honor 9x

How to install dual SIM card on Honor 9X

Tools: Huawei Honor 9X

OS: EMUI10.0

1, Prepare the card removing pin, as shown in the following picture:

2, Insert it into the position of the card slot shown in the picture, as shown in the following picture:

3, The card slot will be popped out, and then take it off. As shown in the picture below:

4, the front of the card slot to place the sim card, as shown in the picture below:

5, the card slot flipped to the back, where you can place the card 2, as shown in the picture below:

6, after placing it well, insert it into the phone and then can be used, as shown in the picture below:

Honor 9x how to insert a card

Honor 9x card insertion method:

1, the card tray is on the top left side of the phone, in the shutdown state, use the card removing pin included with the phone, insert it vertically into the small hole on the side of the card tray, and press hard to make the card tray pop out.

2, the card tray has a card type of text prompts, the internal card only supports nano-SIM card, the external card can be put nano-SIM card or MicroSD card; nano-SIM card and MicroSD card into the card tray according to the direction of the instructions, pay attention to the direction of the notch, the mounted card tray is flat, from the side of the card tray and the card can be seen in a plane.

3, the phone screen up, push the card tray back into the card holder, and finally long press the power button to turn on the phone.

The Honor 9X is a phone released by Honor, released on July 23, 2019, and is billed as a “product destined to be impossible to understate.” The screen size of 6.59 inches, using the front lifting design, the appearance of the rhythm of diamond micro texture process, with the pursuit of non-destructive quality of the glory of the “owl” night shooting algorithm, the main selling point of the chip, highlighting the performance of its “hard core”, equipped with Huawei’s The second 7nm chip Kirin 810.

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