How to make word tables as big as some

How to adjust the size of the word document form?

The method of adjusting the size of the form in Word is as follows:

Operating environment: lenovo12.0.2, windows12.0.1, word10.0.1.

1, there are several ways to operate.

2, you can follow the adjustment of height and width.

3, select “Form Tools” under the “Auto-Adjustment”, this can be based on the contents of the form to automatically adjust the cell.

4, there is a way to right-click and select the form properties, adjust the “rows” and “columns” to change the size of the form.

5, adjusted.

word document inside the table how to adjust the size

word as a commonly used document editing software, in use, will be inserted according to the needs of the form, how to adjust the size of the form in the document?

word form commonly used in several ways to adjust the size:

1, automatically adjust the size;

2, set the height and width of the form;

3, shift key to adjust;

4, single-selected form rows and columns to adjust. Use millet laptop 15.6Pro, operating system Windows10, software version WPSoffice11.1.0 for word form resizing.

01 automatic adjustment 1, select the form in word;

2, in the form of tools, select the automatic adjustment;

3, you can choose to adjust the form according to the content or to adapt to the size of the window.

02 set the width and height 1, select the word form;

2, above the ribbon to find the form tools

3, in the form tools in order to enter the height, width value [height, width refers to the size of each grid].