How to quickly generate html

Online html generation – how to develop HTML on mobile, that is, on the phone?

What are the tools that do not need to write the code can easily produce the generation of HTML5 pages

HTML5 page production tools, broadly divided into two categories: HTML5-based website tools and mobile APP tools (of course there are a number of other, such as based on the WeChat public number, etc., will also be introduced below).

The first general personal feelings

1. HTML5-based tools website: more powerful, single-page operation is stronger, can complete a variety of interactive effects of the page; but some times there will be operation “failure” phenomenon, such as uploading pictures failed, click to save the failure to generate the failure and so on. The reason you know ~

2. Mobile Tools APP: Compared to the tools site, it seems to be relatively smooth, there are a large number of templates to use, the production of simple and fast; but stuck in the existing templates, so that a single page will not have a large operating space, so that can not be realized DIY interactive effects.

The following unfolding of each tool used it

HTML5-based tool site:

[Rabbit show]

Pros: high degree of page DIY, dynamic effects to achieve easy and convenient to create a more capricious H5 page.

Disadvantages: the screen interface size can not be adjusted, the uploaded map will be disproportionate; generated to the size of the screen page will exist on the phenomenon of stretching.

(This figure is intended to illustrate the size of the uploaded pictures are the site’s own default size, not the size of the picture itself, not conducive to the user to adjust)

[] can be specific editing, single-page operability is high, there are novices (with templates) and advanced (no template) two editing modes; turn the page effect is more than the rabbit show, templates are also more powerful.

[Jugo Interactive Magazine]

Advantages: one of the most simple and easy to use tool, according to the prompts step by step to add, a total of 4 steps, and finally generate a micro-magazine. Compared to other online tools, it is more stable.

Weaknesses: At present, did not try to pass the production of a single page on the interactive effects, did not find the opening of the pro function of the entrance.


Pros: like flash online version, powerful, can create HTML5 animation. Suitable for people with animation foundation to do demo production.

Disadvantages: the need for animation production base; work interface response time is long; seems to be only shared to twitter, Facebook, google +, tumblr?


Gimmick is PPT to HTML5 tools, perfect compatibility with PPT, you can create Html5 mobile courseware.

However, at the moment I can only connect to a VPN and then use Safari to open the website link.

[Show production]

Pros: Easy layout, fast production, stable broadband.

Disadvantages:The display of pictures and text on various screens does not do a good job of adapting; can not edit the text in the template to adjust the position.

Mobile tool APP:

[First page]

Pros: high quality templates, high efficiency when editing templates, simple and fast operation, the effect and experience in the production of H5 pages in the APP tool is outstanding.

Disadvantages: single-page operability is low, only supports the use of templates.

[Fast Invitation] Quickly create invitations

Pros:Easy to use, time-saving, efficient, easy to count.

Disadvantages: the page is simple, you can only choose the inherent template to create text and add pictures.

[Easy Enterprise Show] Mobile Scene Marketing Butler for Small and Medium Enterprises

Pros: Apply the template, create a quick, used to do business introduction, product recommendation. Has a powerful promotion statistics, customer management functions. Well, it should be praised here.

Weaknesses: can only use the template, DIY degree is low; statistical data need to be further confirmed whether the accuracy of the phenomenon seems to be missing data (in a small test, the number of statistics to the number is less than the number should be).

[Micro-post]: H5 page created through the public number of WeChat

Advantages: cell phone public number directly create a simple page, according to the prompts to create can be, brainless convenient and fast.


Tools website to do the H5 page, focusing on the customization of individual pages of the interactive program, DIY degree is high, relatively long, and subject to bandwidth factors, so the impact of the operation;

Tools APP to do the H5 page, focusing on the efficiency of the current template, and thus a single page of the degree of DIY is low, the interactive effect is limited.

As far as I personally am concerned, the new PM of mobile Internet, I usually commonly used to [MAKA] and [rabbit show], these two relatively more suitable for half a day to complete; such as wanting to quickly create a display page on the use of the [first page], the efficiency of this function in the sense of the design is more prominent; the organization of the event, the production of invitations, distribution of event notification with [fast invitation]; usually promote new For organizing events, making invitations, and distributing event notifications, use [Quick Invite]; and for promoting new products, contacting customers, and recruiting new people, use [Easy Enterprise].

How to develop HTML on mobile, that is, on the phone?

You are talking about html5 development, for mobile web design must learn the knowledge system.

A list of HTML5 support tests

Before you start, you need to understand how modern browsers and mobile platforms support HTML5.

Mainstream browser HTML5 support list

Mobile platform HTML5 support list

HTML5 support test

HTML5 demo

Second, so that HTML5 elements available

Older versions of Internet Explorer can not recognize the new HTML elements. However, some JavaScript or CSS solutions can be used to compensate for this.

HTML5Shiv: This script enables Internet Explorer to recognize HTML5 elements.

HTML5Enabler: functions similarly to HTML5Shiv.

Modernizr: This allows developers to take full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 features in browsers that support them, without sacrificing control of other browsers that don’t support these new technologies.

HTML5Reset: it provides a set of HTML, CSS files , allowing you to start a new project with a minimum of time . It uses modernizr to support HTML5 and CSS3.

Three, browser plug-ins

The following are some JavaScript plug-ins that can make up for some of the browser support for HTML5.

1. VideoJS

VideoJS is an HTML5 video player can be used in all browsers, including IE6 and mobile devices. For browsers that don’t support HTML5, they automatically use the Flash player to play it.

2. AudioJS

HTML audio player. Used to make HTML5

tags available in a variety of browsers, including mobile devices.


HTML5 form modules, including calendars, color palettes, sliding widgets, client-side validation and so on.


HTML5 form attribute support, such as pattern, required, and autofocus.

5. LimeJS

LimeJS is an HTML5 gaming framework for creating fast, localized games for modern touch devices and desktop browsers. games for modern touch devices and desktop browsers.

6. FlexieJS

Support CSS3 flexible box model (FlexibleBoxModel).

Four, online tools

In addition, there are a number of online tools that can help developers to accelerate the development of HTML5 projects.

1. HTML5Boilerplate

is an HTML/CSS/JS template , is to achieve cross-browser normalization , performance optimization , stability and optional features such as cross-domain Ajax and Flash best practices. Developers call it a collection of techniques designed to meet your needs to develop a cross-browser , and future-proof site .

2. SwitchtoHTML5

Very useful online tool to generate HTML5 document structure according to your preferences.

pdf file how to generate html online? Using a php website system?

If simple, direct <a></a> link to the pdf file can be put. To do so to the user machine installed adobeflash, the user can also directly download your pdf file.

You can also convert the pdf into swf format, the user is not good to download directly, but in the background of the site first converted. If the foreign language pdf, with pdf2swf and flexpaper, Chinese pdf will be more trouble.

How to make HTML files?

How to make an HTML file is as follows:

One, open a simple text editor. Most text editing software can write HTML, however, complex software with automatic formatting features, more difficult to organize HTML pages.

Two, change the file format to “WebPage” (WebPage), “.html” or “.htm”, there is an easy to find location. The three choices are the same, no difference.

Three, open the file in a web browser, double-click on the file, it should automatically open in the browser, but right now it’s just a blank web page.

four, update the web page to see the saved changes. Type <strong>Hello</strong> into the blank file.

Update the blank page on your browser and you should see the word “Hello” bolded at the top of the page. You can test the new HTML anytime during this tutorial. just save the .html file and update the browser window to see how the browser interprets the HTML.

VI. Build the document. Delete everything in the HTML document. This HTML code tells the browser which version of HTML you are using, and all the content of the page is between the <html> and </html> tags.

Seven, add head and body tags. the HTML document is divided into 2 parts. The “Head” section is for special information, such as the title of the page. The “Body” section contains the content of the page.