How to see how many times the while loop executes

What statement should I add to my program in order to be able to tell how many times a program written in while statement has looped? Thank you all!

1, first go into the python software and define a count variable as shown.

2, next, define the loop program while statement, while after the definition of the conditions for the establishment of the loop, as shown in the figure.

3, and then defined, when the loop statement conditions are established, to be executed, as shown in the figure.

4, and finally deal with the previously defined counting variable, as shown in the figure (Note: the counting variable must be processed, otherwise there will be a dead loop).

5, the final execution of the program, the final output of the program as shown in the figure is complete.

The number of times a while statement is executed is

0 to N times.

do…while loop is a variation of while loop, the difference between them is that do…while loop can guarantee that the number of times the loop body executes is at least 1 time, that is to say, the number of times the loop body executes in do…while loop is 1~N times, it is a little bit of the meaning of preemptive, while the number of times the loop body executes in while loop is 0~N times.

Statement means a literary sentence, a sentence of words. Explanation A grammatically self-contained unit that consists of a word or syntactically related group of words.

Introductory c language while execution number judgment

Because the first character is not e, so, the loop will not be executed, the loop number is 0

while ((ch=getchar())==’e’) only if the input is an e character, it will output *, as long as it is not an e it will end the loop!

C# how to determine how many times a loop has been executed

Don’t understand what is judgment, if you read the code to see if the general can only give the approximate order of magnitude, in fact, is the time complexity. Of course, the most obvious way is to add a counter variable, and add 1 to it for each loop, and then return the value of the counter variable via MessageBox, which is the number of loops.

Note: If you have a nested loop, be sure to note the location of the “counter variable +1” statement

I hope this helps