How to set to retain two decimal places?

Set to two decimal places but also show 3

To retain two decimal places by setting the cell format.

1, right-click and select “Set Cell Format”, select the left side of the “numerical value”, and then the right side of the number of decimal places set to 2.

2, in addition, you can also start the menu below the shortcut icon to realize the increase or decrease the number of decimal places. Through these two methods of retaining the number of digits are used when the rounding method.

How to keep the two digits after the decimal point in excel?

Retain 2 decimal places do not exist to hide the method is as follows:

Computer: LenovoG460

System: Windows 11

Software: Excel2019

1, open a blank excel table on the computer screen.

2, in the open form, enter a few data to give an example of data that has three decimal places after the decimal point.

3, hold down the left mouse button, select these data, point the right mouse button, a page appears, find set cell format, click.

4, in the set cell format page, click on the numerical value, the number of decimal places in the red box on the right, click the arrow, set 2, set the end of the page at the bottom of the OK.

5, after determining the cell value after the decimal point are retained two, is shown, rather than hidden.