How to spread a word form photo on the whole page

word insert pictures how to spread the whole page

After the insertion of pictures in Word, you can adjust and format them to fill the entire page. Specific methods are as follows:

1. Select Insert Picture in Word document.

2. Press and hold the small black dot in the lower right corner of the picture to resize the picture to the desired size so that the picture fills the page.

3. Right-click on the picture and select “Format Shape” or “Format Picture” to open the “Format Shape” or “Format Picture Format Shape” or “Format Picture” to open the Format Shape or Format Picture pane.

4. In the Format Shape or Format Picture pane, select the Layout tab and choose Fit to text. “In the Format Shape or Format Picture pane, select the Layout tab and choose the Large option in the Close to Text drop-down menu.

5. “Graphic Surround” option in the “around the type” to “embedded”, hide the graphics border.

6. Click Confirm and the image will be spread all over the page.

Additionally, if you want to fill the page with multiple images, you can combine them into one image and then perform the above steps. After selecting multiple images, click the right mouse button, click “Combine”, and then select “Combine”. Then the combination of pictures will be processed individually to deal with “tight text”, you can spread the entire picture page.

word insert form, in the form of a copy of the picture how to spread a page?

In Word, can not directly for the form to insert a picture that occupies the entire cell, but can be achieved through the following methods to achieve this effect, for example, the following effect of the production steps:

1, click Insert —- Picture Button;

2, Insert Picture dialog box pops up, select the picture you need; <

3, adjust the size of the picture, so that it is the same size as the cell;

4, select the picture, click the picture tool format —- text surround —- lined below the text;

5, drag the picture with the mouse, placed in the corresponding cell can be

word how to get a poster on a page – word picture spread a page how to set

word inside the poster made by others to send me, but it became two or three pages, how to merge into a page.

Method 1:

In word, select “Insert” ¡ú “Symbol”, select the font for “wingdings”, the penultimate special characters is a “box with a check mark” special characters.

[excell form available]

Method 2: Select “Insert” ¡ú “special symbols” ¡ú “mathematical symbols” inside the √ sign, first insert √, and then click on the button. first insert √, and then click on the word layout toolbar “character border” button, to the box on the box.

Method 3: “Format” – “Chinese version of the style” – “circled characters” in the text selection “√”, circle number. “, circle number selected “□”


Method 4:

Insert – Text Box – Horizontal, insert where needed, and then select the text box (not the contents of the text box), right-click to set the text box attributes of the size of the margins, location, text on the text and so on. Then enter a √ in it.

Method 5: small box can be achieved by inserting the form, that is, to do a minimum of a single line of a single-column form is a small box, which can be inserted into the check mark and fork, hook or fork can be inserted from the “insert – & gt; special symbols – & gt; mathematical symbols,” in the choice.

Method 6:

point word “view” menu, in the “toolbar” item point “control toolbox”, will be in the word window editing area on the left side of a new toolbar, which is the “Controls Toolbox”, which has a button is a small internal check box, point “check box” button, there will be a word on the page called labeled “checkbox”. checkbox1″ of the small box, that is, “checkbox 1”, point “Controls Toolbox” of the first button “exit design mode “, you can play in the internal checkbox. , you can check or uncheck the box inside. and then click the “Checkbox” button, there will be another “checkbox” on the page label called “checkbox2” that is, “checkbox 2 “. And so on down the line.

In these labels only show “checkbox1” and “checkbox2” certainly can not meet the requirements, to modify the content of these labels. The background text should be white, and the text should be integrated.

Press the “Control Toolbox” the first button, so that it is in the “Design Mode”, point in a “check box”, there will be eight small circles around, in the selected state, point “Controls Toolbox” second button, on the left side of a “Properties” dialog box, point “backcolor” item, which is to set the background color, the right side of the cell appears a drop-down the cell appears in a drop-down triangle, click, select the appropriate color. Point “caption” item, when the cell is blue, the right cell can be edited, enter the text you need, word of the text immediately into the text you enter. Point “control toolbox” of the first button “exit design mode”, try the effect.

[excell form available]

Method 7: First of all, directly press the “ctrl + f9” shortcut key, resulting in an empty field symbols (a pair of curly brackets). Position the mouse inside the brackets, and then enter the following code “eq

\o(_,√)”, note that the brackets in the “,” is the English punctuation, do not double quotes. With the mouse to select _ and √ on their size, location, character spacing, etc. were set (and the same general text, such as select √, formatting – font – character spacing – the location of the promotion), so that the size of the two characters, the relative position of the combined

word picture spread over a page how to set up

to a picture spread over a page of the word method is as follows:

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1, open the computer ready word document, enter the editing interface.

2, in the editing interface, click on the upper [Insert] tab.

3, into the insert option, click on the [picture].

4, select an inserted picture, click [Insert].

5, use the mouse to right-click the picture, in the pop-up menu, click on the [Auto Line Feed].

6, in the pop-up menu list, select [below the text].

7, then, use the left mouse button to click and select the picture, based on the picture of the four corners of the picture to adjust the size of the picture can be spread throughout the page.

get a poster background, how to spread the picture of the whole page of WPS

To spread the picture of the whole page, the specific steps are as follows:

1, open the word document, click on the menu bar, “Insert”, select “Picture”. After that, and then click on “from the file”;

2, open the “Insert Picture” interface, from the computer to find a specific picture, click to select it, and then click on the lower right corner of the “Insert! “;

3, after inserting the picture, double-click on the picture, in the “set picture format” interface, click on the “layout”, choose a non-embedded type of any way around, such as “Lining in the text below”, click “OK”;

4, modified the picture layout, directly drag the picture to the top left corner of the overlap, according to the actual situation, hold down the shift key on the keyboard, drag the lower right corner of the picture inward isometric Zoom in or out isometric enlargement;

5, until the picture will be adjusted to spread the entire page, and then let go.

Enter the header and footer editing state, insert a picture, the picture layout is set to be placed below the text, pull the adjustment point to the satisfaction of the effect. Insert a picture of a set of options in the bottom of the picture, after the selection, there is a full of options below, are selected is the effect you want. This is full, but your printer can hit the full? As far as I know, the general color printer is not enough to play, around the white edges of the