How to use foreign search engine ah apple version

How to use the Apple ecosia search engine

Open Apple cell phone settings, in the cell phone settings interface point a Safari browser, change the search engine to “Ecosia”.

1, open the Apple phone settings, select the Safari browser tap,

2, you can see that there are a lot of search engines, Baidu, Sogou, Google, Ecosia and so on, choose Ecosia.

Ecosia is a search engine headquartered in Berlin, Germany

These are the first search engines in the world to be used in the United States. p>They donate at least 80% of their profits to non-profit organizations to plant trees. As of July 2020, Ecosia has planted more than 100 million trees in total, absorbing more than 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every month. The search engine was previously included as a default search engine option in Chrome and Firefox.

Ecosia is a search engine headquartered in Berlin, Germany, who donate at least 80% of their profits to nonprofit organizations for tree planting, and is also is a BLab-certified public benefit corporation. They claim to practice carbon sequestration, use renewable energy to power their servers, maintain financial transparency, and also protect the privacy of their users. Starting with IOS 14.3, ecosia was added to Safari’s search engine options.

Russia Search Engine Apple Network Settings

1, first of all, open the Apple phone to enter the main page, in the main page to find the settings button, click to enter.

2. Secondly, find the id index settings inside the settings, click to enter the id index settings.

3, finally in the id index page to fill in the Russian id index can be.

iphonex cell phone Safari browser how to set the search engine

iphonex cell phone comes with the Safari browser is very convenient to use, the speed is also very fast, but some times I use the search function I do not know how to set up the common search engine, today said iphonex cell phone Safari browser how to set up the search engine < /p>

First of all, we need to open our phone’s [Settings] to enter

In the settings we need to drag down

until we find the [Safari Browser] to enter

In the [Safari Browser] we can see in the middle of the area of the [Search Engine], click to enter it

Then we will see many of the search engines of large websites, choose the one we think is the best. Search engine of big websites, choose the one we feel most commonly used and convenient

After choosing, we log in [Safari Browser], and then type the information we want to search in the search bar at the top

It will be jumped to the search engine you set up under the search engine page, it’s very convenient

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