How to wire a four-phase stepper motor driver

How to wire a 4 wire stepper motor? Note: it’s 5V …. Seek guidance from experts!

Four wires of which two are power lines a signal line a directional control line signal line input pulse signal directional control line input high and low levels Out1-2 and Out3-4 are connected to the two windings of the stepper motor.

stepping drive power supply DC5V (positive and negative)

drive motor power supply DC24V (positive and negative)

the rest of the In1-in4 is the pulse signal terminal, direction control terminal, motor lock terminal.

How to wire a 4-phase 5-wire stepper motor driver board

VCC connects to the motor’s center tap line (usually red), and then the motor’s A,B,C,D phase wires are connected to the driver board’s A,B,C,D. IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4

Connect them to the pulse output ports of your master control (e.g., microcontroller’s P1.0, P1.1, P1.2, P1.3). P1.3). Then it’s a matter of programming. Also don’t forget to power the driver board, it also needs to be common ground with the main control, if the main control is a 51 microcontroller, just use a 5V power supply at the same time

Four-phase stepper motor 24BYJ48 orange, red, pink, yellow and blue how to wire what each line

Five lines in one is the common line, this line is generally connected to the positive pole of the power supply this line can be measured with the table, measured with a line and the other four lines have resistance then this is the common line, the remaining four are abcd phases, the four lines of confusion should have little effect on the most possible steering change, you can also be an order of the to think of the first one as q