Incorrectly formatted broadband username and password

Broadband account or password error solution

Some times, we set up the router to access the Internet, there will be router WAN port broadband dial-up phenomenon is not successful, there will also be a “broadband account or password error” prompts, encountered “broadband account or password error” how to solve the problem? What should I do when I encounter “broadband account or password error”? I have organized for you to solve the broadband account or password error, for your reference reading!

The solution to the broadband account or password error

Possible cause: the broadband account or password is filled in incorrectly.

Solution: Log in to the router management interface, click on Routing Settings >> Internet Settings, please re-fill the broadband account and broadband password, pay attention to case, letters and numbers such as “0” and “o”, forget to fill in the suffix! such as “@adsl”, “” and so on. You can try to enter the account number on a stand-alone device to make sure you can dial up properly, or contact your ISP to make sure the account number is correct.

Possible cause: The router management interface routing settings>> Internet settings page has the option of dial-up mode, standalone dial-up access to the Internet using different dial-up clients, such as Broadband My World, Starry Night, etc., corresponding to different dial-up modes in the router. If you select the wrong dial-up mode, the WAN port dial-up will be unsuccessful.

Solution: The dialing mode is recommended to choose the automatic selection of the dialing mode, if you confirm that the stand-alone use of the system comes with a broadband connection for PPPoE dial-up, it is recommended to choose the normal dialing mode, as follows:

Possible causes: Some broadband operators have bound the MAC address of the computer’s network card, and only the computer that has been bound to the network card can be used for dialing the Internet through PPPoE, and the other computers or routers can not dial the Internet through PPPoE. The other computers or routers can’t dial up.

Solution: Manage the router with a standalone PC with dial-up access, enter the router’s management interface, click on Router Settings >> Internet Settings, and in the following Advanced Settings, select the MAC address of the WAN port to use the MAC address of the current management PC (MAC address cloning), click Save, and then the MAC address of the bound PC (standalone PC with dial-up access) will be cloned. The MAC address of the network card is cloned to the WAN port of the router, as follows:

Possible causes: Sudden power failure to the MODEM or router during normal Internet access, directly unplugging the network cable of the WAN port, etc., belongs to abnormal disconnection. From the client’s point of view is disconnected, but at this time the server does not release the connection, resulting in the router can not immediately dialing success.

Solution: Wait a few minutes and then redial, the specific waiting time varies according to the state of the line in each location.

What is the reason for broadband connection error 691 prompting username and password error?

Error 691 is actually not just a user name and password error, any item that can not be verified through the carrier billing authentication system will be fed back as error 691, the possible reasons are as follows:

1, user name and password error.

2. Abnormal cost.

3, the account is bound to the MAC address.

4, CHAP and other protocols on the computer is wrong.

5, the account hangs dead. (A START packet is sent to the server every time you dial, and a STOP packet is sent when the request is interrupted.) If it is an abnormal operation. For example, power outages and the like, this STOP packet will not be sent, this time your computer has been disconnected, but the server still thinks that your account is online, so you can not dial up.)

6. The carrier’s IP address pool is full, and there are no extra addresses to assign to you.

Broadband connection in the basic electronic and electronic communications is to describe the renewed number or electronic line contains or is able to simultaneously handle a wider range of frequencies, it is a relative way of describing, the greater the range of frequencies, that is to say, the higher the bandwidth, the relative increase in the transmission of information. The upper limit of dial-up rate is 56KBps as the boundary, below 56KBps is called “narrowband” and above is called “broadband”. For home users, it refers to a transmission rate of more than 1M, which can satisfy the demand for large amounts of information transmission, such as voice and images. Including fiber optic, xDSL (ADSL, HDSL), ISDN and so on.