Installation of sql database error report how to do ah

win7 system can not install sql2000 error how to solve

Many win7 system users will be installed in the computer sql2000 database management tool to use, but in the installation process there is an error must restart the computer window, encountered such a problem how to do it, and now brings you win7 system can not install The first step in the process of installing the database management tool is to use it, but in the process of installing it, there is an error.

1, in the run window type regedit;

2, open the registry editor, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\SessionManager to find the PendingFileRenameOperations, delete the key value (this key value is the installation of the program temporarily suspended items, as long as you find the corresponding application program to clear out on the line);

3, close the registry editor. Reinstall SQLServer2000.

The above gives you the win7 system can not install sql2000 error how to solve the details, so you can normally install sql2000.

Win10 Home Edition install SQL2000 error how|win10 Home Edition install SQL2000 error solution

SQL2000 is Microsoft’s official development of the most mature relational database management system, there are netizens said Win10 Home Edition install SQL2000 is always unsuccessful, has been reinstalled twice the system, and the Internet to delete the registry, delete the installation traces of the method are all used, all do not work! The installation of SQL2000 in Win10 Home Edition has been unsuccessful, and the system has been reinstalled twice, and the Internet to delete the registry, delete the installation traces of all the methods used, are not working, how? In response to this question, the following Xiao Xiao told you a detailed solution and install SQL2000 detailed steps.

A, the installation of sqlserver2000 prompted to hang how to solve

1, run REGEDIT

2, in the registry to find the directory in turn:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ SessionManager, and then in the right box to find PendingFileRenameOperations

3, select the right – delete the item can be reinstalled sqlserver2000

Two, sql2000 upgrade to win10 prompted the inability to locate the ordinal number 1 in the dynamic link library sqlunirl.dll solution

1, get trustedinstaller privileges (copy the following content with Notepad, to REG extension format to save, run can)



@=Get TrustedInstaller permission


@=cmd.exe/ ctakeown/f\%1\icacls\%1\/grantadministrators:F



@=Get TrustedInstaller permission


[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ Directory\shell\runas\command]


IsolatedCommand=cmd.exe /ctakeown/f\%1\/r/dyicacls\%1\/grantadministrators:F/t

2. Right click in c:\windows\syswow64, c:\windows\system32 to get sqlunirl.dll’s “Get TrustedInstaller permissions, click to confirm.

3. Find the sqlunirl.dll file under \X86\SYSTEM in the sql installation disk, and then right-click on it to get TrustedInstaller privileges, click to confirm. Then copy the file to c:\windows\syswow64, c:\windows\system32 and replace it, then you can open mssql2000. Everything is normal.

Three, windows enable guest user general way, through the graphical interface or cmd command line:

1, in the windwos directory, find the CMD run file, run as administrator, enter: netuserguest/active:yes can enable the guest account

four SQLServer Mixed Mode Login:

Connect to SQLServer using a valid Windows login. if you must continue to use SQLServer login, you can change the security authentication mode in SQLServer 2000 to “SQLServer and Windows”. Windows”. To do so, follow these steps:

Start Enterprise Manager. Expand “MicrosoftSQLServers”, and then expand “SQLServer Groups”. Right-click the server you want to change to SQLServer and Windows authentication, and then click Properties. In the SQLServer Properties dialog box, click the Security tab, click SQLServer and Windows, and then click OK. “OK. When prompted to restart the SQLServer service, click Yes.

V. How to open Group Policy in Win10 Home Edition

1. Open the text file and copy the following code into it,



dir/bC:\Windows\servicing\Packages\ Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~3.mumList.txt

dir/bC:\Windows\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows- GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~3.mumList.txt

for/f%%iin(findstr/i.List.txt2^nul)dodism/online/norestart/add-package:C:\ Windows\servicing\Packages\%%i


Correct Installation:

Tried to install sqlserver2000 in win10 home edition 64 bit, successful, will describe the process, hope it will be helpful.

(1) Step 1: Turn on the adminstrator user;

In the query (Cortana), type, cmd, find the Command Prompt app, right click to run as administrator;

Enter the command, netuseradministrator/active:yes

Start the adminstator user;

(2) Step 2: Log in as adminstrator user and give adminstrator permission to modify the C:\windows\syswow64\SQLUNIRL.DLL file;

Specific operations can be found in Baidu;

Put the system’s SQLUNIRL.DLL to SQLUNIRL64.DLL, or delete it;

Find SQLUNIRL.DLL in x86\system\ in the sql2000 installer, and copy it to the current location;

(3) Step 3: Log in as an administrator, and locate the installer x86\SETUP under the file SETUPSQL.EXE right-click to run as administrator;

(4) installation steps and other operating systems, all the way to the next step, select the mixed login, do not recommend the empty password, it’s OK;

(5) there is no exception, it works well, it seems that the Win10 compatibility is not bad, more ancient software can be used to install 2000 is because of a small, but not a lot of resources. It doesn’t take up resources.

The above is the win10 home edition installation of SQL2000 error handling skills of all, I hope to help you.

SQLServer2008 installation error, prompted to provide a valid account and password, all filled out or not

The specific steps to solve the problem of “SQLServer2008 installation error, prompted to provide a valid account and password” are as follows:

1, “SQLServer agent” select SYSTEM, “SQLServerdatabaseengine” select NETWORKSERVICE, ” SQLServeranalysisservices” select NETWORKSERVICE.

2. “SQLServerreportingservices” selects NETWORKSERVICE for “SQLServerreportingservices” and NETWORKSERVICE for “SQLServerintegrationservices”. do not set a password, and leave the rest of the options as default.

3, press Win + R key combination, type control, enter the control panel.

4, the control panel window pops up, click on the bottom of the “user accounts”.

5, into the user account interface, click on “User Accounts”.

6. In Change account information, click “Change my account information in PC settings”.

7. On the Settings page, select the “Login Options” tab.

8. In the “Login Options” tab, click the “Add” button.

9, the “Create Password” page pops up, set the password for the ADMINISTRATOR account. After completing the reinstallation of SQL Server 2008, that is, the problem is solved.

This solves the problem of “SQLServer 2008 installation error, prompting for a valid account and password”.

Installation of sql2022 shows database engine service failure

Does the questioner want to ask “Why does installation of sql2022 show database engine service failure”? Version incompatibility, inaccessible installer.

1. Operating system version is incompatible, other SQLServer components are installed and incompatible with the current version.

2. The installer cannot access the required file or folder, the installer cannot access the required registry entry, the installer cannot access the required service, the installer cannot access the required port.

SQL database error how to solve, ask the gods out

1, with a low version of the SQL client management software to try to connect to a high version of the SQLServer service, it is possible to report a similar problem.

2. A possible solution is to figure out the version of the SQLServer server, install the appropriate version of the management software on the client, and then try to connect.

3, if you are linked to the local SQL, please make sure that you start the “SQLServerManagementStudio” version is correct, and whether you have installed more than one version of SQL on the machine.

4, if you really can’t get it, it is recommended to reinstall the system. In particular, before installing SQLServer, it is strongly recommended that you make an image backup of the system, because it may be difficult to cleanly uninstall it if something goes wrong during the installation process.


5. If you have this kind of problem in the background code of your application or web page, try to connect to the database with “SQLServerManagementStudio”, try to turn off the firewall, and if the “SQLServerManagementStudio” is not working, then you will be able to use the “SQLServerManagementStudio” to connect to the database and turn off the firewall. If “SQLServerManagementStudio” can be linked, the application or background code can not be linked, it may be linked to the SQLServer code or driver mismatch.