ipv6 address locator lookup

How to check the ip address of your computer

Method 1:

In Win10 system, select the wireless network that the machine is connected to, right click on the mouse and click on the properties, and then in the pop-up settings inside the flip to the bottom, you can see the ip address of the machine.

Method 2

1, hold down win+r to run, type cmd, click OK, in the command prompt, type ipconfig and knock on the car, you can see the ip address at the bottom.

Method 3:

Open Network Settings inside Settings, click View Network Properties, you can query the information of the Ethernet connection and the status of the information of the local connection and so on.

How to get ipv6 address

The methods to get ipv6 address are as follows:

1. Go to the cell phone settings, check about cell phone, you can get the status message.

2. Change the optical cat or turn on the IPv6 function of the optical cat.

Currently, the Internet uses the TCP/IP protocol, and one of the core protocols is the IP address encoding protocol. ipv6 is the full name of the Internet Protocol version 6, and the current IPv4 address is 32-bit encoding. ipv6 address is 128-bit encoding, which can generate 2128 IP addresses, and its resources are almost infinite. In order to meet the demand for massive intelligent terminal networking in the era of Internet of Things (IoT), “one thing, one address, everything is online”, the scale deployment and development of IPv6 has attracted more and more attention. As a network address encoding method, IPv4 address resources have been basically exhausted, and IPv6 has the incomparable advantages of IPv4.