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Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Troupe 2009 Open Recruitment Announcement

Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Troupe 2009 Open Recruitment Announcement

According to the needs of the work, according to the Henan Province, “on the implementation of the views of the work of the open recruitment of new personnel of public institutions” (Henan [2007] No. 55), “on the provincial public recruitment of staff of public institutions related to Problems of the notice” (Yu people [2007] No. 56) of the spirit of the requirements of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Dongchao net site for the public recruitment of three professional and technical personnel. The announcement is as follows:

One, the principle of recruitment

In accordance with the principle of “openness, equality, competition, and merit”, adhere to the employment standards of moral integrity, take the test, the assessment of the combination of methods, open recruitment for the community, and select the best candidates.

Two, recruitment plan and eligibility requirements

(a) recruitment plan

2009 open recruitment of three staff. Among them, the network I 2, network administrator 1.

(2) recruitment positions and qualifications

1, recruitment positions and qualifications

network I should have the conditions: with Chinese, news, politics, economics, philosophy, fine arts and other related majors of the full-time undergraduate degree or above, aged 30 years old or younger (born after December 1, 1979); has a strong writing skills and a certain Theoretical level; proficiency in Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other network I related software and have web page production experience; familiar with the Internet I business, practical work experience is preferred.

Network administrators should have the conditions: a full-time undergraduate degree or above in computer and related disciplines, age 35 years old or younger (born after December 1, 1974), with Windows, Linux and other operating systems, as well as SQL, Oracle and other database systems management and maintenance of extensive knowledge and experience, proficient in computer hardware and software maintenance; Ability to design, build and maintain network systems, experience in website management, good English is preferred.

2, candidates have the basic conditions

Adhering to the party’s line, guidelines, policies, law-abiding, integrity; love the party’s theoretical education of cadres, love of the network work, and comply with the work allocation, a high degree of dedication and sense of responsibility, able to conscientiously fulfill the duties of the post; good morals and professional qualities; with the professional skills required for the job conditions; to adapt to the position of the physical conditions required by the job and the job required. Requirements of the physical conditions and other conditions required by the post.

The following circumstances are not allowed to apply: have been subjected to criminal punishment, correctional labor; have been dismissed from public office, expelled from school; suspected of violating the law and discipline is under review has not yet reached a conclusion; there is a national student loan default bad credit record; other does not meet the qualifications for recruitment.

Three, the recruitment method

Recruitment to take a unified examination method, according to the results of the written test and interview results, after the physical examination and assessment to determine the personnel to be employed.

Four, recruitment procedures

Open recruitment work in accordance with the release of recruitment information, registration, qualification examination, written tests, interviews, physical examination, assessment, publicity and other steps.

(A) release of recruitment information

December 4, 2009 to 7 in the river online public recruitment announcement.

(2) Application and qualification examination

Candidates with application materials (completed “Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Troupe 2009 Annual Open Recruitment of Staff Application Form”, my resume and a valid ID card, academic qualifications, degrees, a variety of award-winning certificates, and other related materials, the original and photocopies, the recent 1-inch crownless color photo 3, as well as materials that can illustrate the level of personal performance, performance). 8 to 10 December 2009, the recruitment announcement will be published on the website. ). December 8 to 10 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to the CPC Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Corps for on-site registration. At the same time, according to the recruitment conditions and requirements, qualification examination of applicants. If the ratio of the number of applicants to the number of positions to be filled is less than 3:1, the number of positions to be filled will be reduced accordingly. Through the qualification examination, each person to pay the examination fee of 60 yuan (two subjects, 30 yuan each); December 12 (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) to the CPC Henan Provincial Committee Lecturer Mission to collect the admission card.

(C) examination

The examination is divided into a written test and interview. written test on December 13, the written test is divided into two subjects, the content of the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge required for the job, each subject is 100 points. December 16 in the river online written test results. December 18, according to the results of the written test from the high to the low, according to the ratio of 1:3 interviews. Each person interview time 10 minutes, full of 100 points.

(D) physical examination

According to the applicant’s written test and interview scores total, from high to low according to the number of professional positions 1:1 ratio to determine the participants in the physical examination. Physical examination with reference to the civil service recruitment standards. If there is a physical ineligibility after the physical examination, the applicant may be replaced according to the total score of the application for the same recruitment of professional positions in the order of high to low points.

(E) assessment

The physical examination of qualified personnel for assessment. The main assessment of ideological performance, moral character, business ability, work performance. After the assessment to form a report, reported to the competent department to determine the candidates to be employed.

(F) publicity

The determined candidates to be employed in the Dahe net publicity, publicity period of 7 days.

(VII) employment treatment

1, the recruitment of personnel to implement the probationary period, the probationary period for six months. After the expiration of the period by the assessment of qualified, reported to the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department for approval, and then in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant procedures.

2, through the open recruitment of personnel, their treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and province.

Contact address: Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, No. 45, Jingnan Road No. 2 Lecturer of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee (Seventh Street and Jingnan Road No. 2 intersection)

Contact telephone: 0371-66782212667822336678199566785805

Postal code: 450016

Career Opportunities for SQL Database Majors

Career opportunities for SQL Database majors are divided into three categories:

Category 1: Pure Data Analyst.

1. DataAnalyst data analyst.

2. DataScientist Data Scientist.

3. DataArchitect Data Architect.

4. DataEngineer Data Engineer.

5. DatabaseAdministrator Database administrator.

Category 2: Data-Driven Business Analytics.

1. BusinessAnalyst Business Analyst.

2. DataandAnalyticsProctManager Data Product Manager.

Category 3: Statistician.

Statisticians, as the name suggests, need to be familiar with statistical theory and methodology, distributed computing, database systems, cloud tools, data mining machine learning, etc., the language needs to be R,SAS,SPSS,Mtlab,Stata,Python,Perl,Hive,Pig,Spark,SQL.

Expanded information:

Extended information:

SQL Database Professional. p>SQL Database Professional Requirements:

Computer related majors, Bachelor’s degree or above, more than two years of work.

Familiar with C/C++ or Java language.

Familiar with Linux operating system, database applications, understanding of common software architecture patterns, basic programming compilation tools, familiar with the rules and techniques of code optimization.

Master of Software Engineering, Renmin University of China Master of Engineering Database Implementation Technology Tutor Associate Professor Zhang Xiao

Master of Software Engineering, Renmin University of China Master of Engineering Database Implementation Technology Tutor Associate Professor Zhang Xiao Course Name: Database Implementation Technology Lecturer: Associate Professor Zhang Xiao, Zhang Wenliang Course Description: The course mainly teaches the implementation of relational database systems, kernel implementation of the implementation of the kernel engine of the implementation of the various components of the technology. The main content includes: database relational model, architecture, storage manager, buffer manager, transaction manager, query processor and other key implementation techniques. Speaker Introduction: Dr. Xiao Zhang, Associate Professor, is currently working in the Department of Computer Science, School of Information Technology, Renmin University of China. He was the general manager of the R&D center of Kincang Company, and was responsible for the development of KINGBASE 3.0 version of Kincang database. 96-97 he was a part-time lecturer at ORACLE University, and in 1997 he was engaged in the collaborative R&D in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a visiting scholar. 2006 he was a visiting scholar in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management of the DSI& DDE Laboratory of Indiana University for the e-Science Research Program. DDE Laboratory of Indiana University in 2006 as an official visiting scholar to conduct e-Science related metadata management (metadatamanagement), data provenance (provenance) field of visiting research. He has participated in many national science and technology projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, major scientific and technological projects in Beijing and the National 863 Project. He has received several provincial and ministerial awards. He has published nearly 20 papers in high-level computer-related journals and international conferences such as ICDE, and has participated in the preparation of three books.

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SQL Database Interview Questions Urgently

a)selectpnameas’item name’,avg(qty)asaveragesalesfroms,p,’Shanghai’ands.mno=m.mnoandp.pno=s.pno, selectp.Pno,p.pname, sum(s.qty)


groupbyp.Pno,p.pname,,p. color

b), first delete the foreign key PNO from the Sale table and then delete the gds table.

c) link: a view is a table built on top of a basic table, its structure (i.e., defined columns) and content (i.e., all data rows) come from the basic table, which exists based on the existence of the basic table. A view can correspond to one basic table or multiple basic tables. A view is an abstraction of the basic table and a new relationship established in a logical sense

Differences: 1. A view is a sql statement that has been compiled. And tables are not

2. Views do not have actual physical records. Whereas tables have.

3, the table is the content, the view is the window

4, the table is only physical space and the view does not take up physical space, the view is only the existence of logical concepts, the table can be in time four to modify it, but the view can only have the creation of the statement to modify

5, the table is the inner mode, the view is the outer mode

6, the view is a way to view the data table. You can query the data in the data table consisting of certain fields, just a collection of some SQL statements. From a security point of view, the view can not give the user access to the data table, and thus do not know the table structure.

7, the table belongs to the global model of the table, is the real table; view belongs to the local model of the table, is the virtual table.

8. The creation and deletion of a view only affects the view itself, not the corresponding base table.