Login computer username and password

How to view your computer’s username and password

Steps to view your computer’s username and password:



1. Click on Accounts

Open Settings and click on Accounts.

2. Click Login Options

Find and click Login Options.

3. Click on Passwords

Find and click on Passwords.

4. Click on Change

Click on the Change option that pops up.

5. View Username

Finally, you can view the username in a new window and can change the password.

Computer username and password to how to view

This video demonstrates the model: Raytheon 911M Wild King, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Edition;

First of all, use the left mouse button to click on the computer screen in the lower left corner of the 【Start】menu, and then click on the pop-up list of options in the 【Settings】option, the emergence of a new interface, select the middle of the 【Account】ident, and then enter the account interface. After entering the account interface, click on [account information], you can view their [account information] in the right interface;

Then select the left side of the [login options], find the [password] logo and click on the lower-right corner of the [change], to enter the [account] page you can see the user name, and need to be able to change the password, you need to confirm the computer’s startup password, and then enter the password of the current system account, and then in the lower part of the [account] page. system account password, and then enter the new password in the lower part, enter a good click on [Next], there will be a [You have successfully changed the password] prompt, click on the bottom of the [Finish] password that has been changed.