Mobile excel line feed in cell

Excel cell how to change the line to teach you 3 methods of cell how to change the line

1, method 1: automatic line feed.

Select the need to change the line of the cell area, and then click [Start], [Alignment], [Auto Line Feed] can be. The command will be based on the cell’s column width automatically line feed, when the width of the column changes, line feed will be automatically adjusted, that is to say: automatic line feed is self-adaptive to the width of the cell to line feed, and with the change in column width and change.

2, method two: forced line feed.

Forced line feed can be based on the position they want to line feed, the method is: double-click the cell, the cursor will be positioned in the place of the line feed, the use of key combinations [Alt + Enter] can be. Forced line breaks can be customized to change the position of the line, and this position is fixed, will not change with the change in column width.

3, method three: batch add a new line.

In addition to automatic line breaks, forced line breaks, you can also find the replacement to add line breaks in bulk. The method is: select the cell area to be replaced, use the Excel shortcut [Ctrl + H] to open the Find Replace dialog box, in the [Replace Content] in the input “:” colon (here according to their own content), in the [Replace For] in the use of the first input “: “colon, and then press the shortcut key [Ctrl + J], click [Replace All] can be selected to add line breaks in bulk to the cell area. The key to adding line breaks in bulk is to use the shortcut line break key [Ctrl + J] to achieve bulk line breaks.

Mobile QQ browser excel how to automatically line detailed tutorial

Mobile QQ browser is able to edit the Excel table, you can edit the Excel table inside the text color, text style, cell styles, etc., cell styles can also be edited to automatically line, you only need to turn on the automatic line function can be.

Mobile QQ browser excel how to automatically line feed

1, open the QQ browser, click on the bottom of the “file”,

2, open the need to edit the Excel table,

3, click on “Edit! “

4, click on the lower left corner of the icon shown in the figure,

5, will be in the cell style of the “automatic line feed” function can be turned on.

excel how to change rows in the same cell

excel the same cell to change rows in the steps are as follows:

Operating environment: Huawei MateBook14s, Windows 10, Excel14931.20132 and so on.

1, right-click the cell, in excel, select the cell that needs to change the line, use the right mouse button to click it.

2, click to set the cell format, click on the drop-down menu inside the “set cell format” option, click on the “alignment” option.

3, check the automatic line feed, in the alignment interface, check the “automatic line feed” option, click OK, you can automatically in the same cell line feed.

History of MicrosoftExcel

1982, Microsoft launched its first spreadsheet software – Multiplan, and in the CP/M system was a great success, but in the MS-DOS system, Multiplan lost to Lotus1-2-3. This event led to the birth of Excel. event prompted the birth of Excel, as Excel R & D code name DougKlunder: do Lotus1-2-3 can do, and do better. 1985, the first Excel was born, it is only used for Mac systems.

In November 1987, the first Excel for Windows was also created (bundled directly with the Windows environment, with a version number of 2.0 in the Mac.) Lotus 1-2-3 was slow to become available for Windows, and by 1988, Excel was outselling Lotus, putting Microsoft to stand as the leading PC software vendor.

This event led to a change of dominance in the software kingdom, as Microsoft consolidated its position as a strong competitor and found a way to develop its graphics software. Since then, about every two years, Microsoft has introduced a new version to expand its dominance, and the latest version of Excel is 16, also known as Microsoft Office Excel 2016.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Excel Sheets

How to change the line in Excel cells

Sometimes, we may enter multiple lines in Excel cells, but by default Excel cells are not automatically line feed, today we will teach you how to change the line in Excel cells.

Method 1: Input text in the cell process, the need to change lines, directly press the “Alt + Enter” key combination, continue to enter the line can be changed.

Method 2: Select the cells need to line feed, select the menu bar in the “Format ยกรบ Cell” option, open the “Cell Format” dialog box, switch to the “Align! “label, select the” automatic line “option, determine the return can be. Related screenshots are shown below: