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Mobile phone scanning software which is good

For the “cell phone scanning software which is good” this issue should be a lot of friends interested in this issue, this is also the current issue of concern, then the following small good small editor on the collection of some of the “cell phone scanning software which is good” related to the software to share with you hope to be able to help you Oh.

1. Mobile phone scanning software software type: Android APP

Software Introduction:

Scanning on the phone at any time to carry out image scanning, so that you can quickly access the text, in the work or study indispensable special tools. It also allows you to recognize multiple languages and immediately translate the scanned images.

2. Mobile phone scanning bone software software type: Android APP

Software introduction:

Skeletometer app it is an interesting software, is a can easily scan the bones of the phone on the software. If you love it, download this cell phone scanning bone software for free and go to tease your potty mouth!

3. Mobile phone document scanning software software type: Android APP

Software introduction:

Mobile phone document scanning software is a specialized Android cell phone intelligent scanning tool, can assist customers to intelligently identify the documents stored as PDF, so that customers bring a variety of documents, valid documents more convenient, applicable to a wide range of documents and valid documents scanning and identification. With a variety of line by line scanning, can be stored instantly

4. Mobile phone scanning and translation software software type: Android APP

Software introduction:

Mobile phone scanning and translation cell phone software is a cell phone app according to the scanner related to the text can be translated, the cell phone software at the same time applicable to a variety of languages translation, according to the customer’s needs are different can be translated into different words, the use of cell phone software can be translated into different words, the use of cell phone software can be translated into different languages. Translate into different text, easy to use, the picture is clear both can be quickly recognized, the customer must rush

5. Mobile phone scanning software type: Android APP

Software introduction:

Mobile phone scanning app is a very professional scanning software, can assist the customer on time on the text _ Yung to carry out the scanner, real-time translation, rapid conversion, very powerful function. There is a need for partners to hurry to download free of charge!

Scanning cell phone software without paying?

There are a lot of free mobile scanning software on the market nowadays, you can choose from the following:

1. CamScanner: CamScanner is a powerful scanning tool with a wide range of filters and file types to choose from. It also supports automatic cropping and enhanced document clarity. It also supports OCR text recognition, which can directly convert scanned documents into editable Word or txt files. It can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

2. AdobeScan: AdobeScan is a scanning application by Adobe that can convert paper documents, business cards, forms and other files into digital drafts. The application provides OCR text recognition technology is also very good, you can save the converted documents to PDF format. It can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

3. OfficeLens: OfficeLens is a scanning tool from Microsoft that supports a wide range of file types and scanning modes. It also has some useful features such as support for text recognition and whiteboard mode, etc. Meanwhile, it can also save scanned files to OneDrive for future use. It can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

It should be noted that some free scanning apps may have problems with ads, collecting user information, etc. Please choose to use them according to your needs and actual situation, and at the same time, pay attention to protect your privacy and data security.

Where to get a scanner on your phone

Mobile software that can scan photos

1.Photo Scanner Software for mobile: this is a mobile photo scanner app that can scan and archive paper photos, this photo scanner android can cache old photos to your computer, or you can reprint the old photos to become new photos, and the photo scanner app is Completely free to use, welcome to download the photo scanner software for free to experience the feeling.

2. Photo Scanner Almighty app is a picture processing application, Photo Scanner Almighty app can help users quickly scan old photos and convert them into electronic format for preservation, so that users no longer need to worry about the old photos are yellowed and can not be saved. In just a few simple steps you can transform photos that can’t be saved for a long time into an electronic digital format that can be saved for a long time. Let your precious old photos see the light of day and get a new look.

3. Photomyne is a powerful photo scanner software. It can support the scanning of all kinds of pictures, automatic identification, one-click sharing, very convenient. Photomyne’s free application provides the experience that it has. Create up to 3 albums and save up to 50 scanned photos to your device.Photomyne is the fastest and easiest way to convert images into real-time digital records that can be shared with others. Download this amazing, powerful scanning device with cutting-edge AI technology built in.

Expanded Information:

Document scanning with full Chinese interface, image optimization and processing software, document digitizing expert. This software is through the ordinary or high-speed scanner will be a variety of paper documents, information scanned into the computer, after the image processing, compression, optimization and storage for electronic image files of the tool software; is the unit, the enterprise information management department for the electronic document, the traditional paper document management into an advanced, unified, efficient electronic document management of the excellent good helper, can be widely used in libraries, archives, Publishing houses, government agencies, banks, industry and commerce, taxation, insurance, hospitals and other institutions, a variety of enterprises and institutions, archives and archives digital scanning and processing enterprises.

Scanning software Baidu Encyclopedia

___ Apple cell phone comes with a scanner where – how to get the cell phone to scan the document

___1, first open the phone, click to open the phone system comes with the “memo” function;

___2, into the memo interface After that, click on the bottom right corner of the screen “pencil” icon, this is the editing function, click on the open can create a new memo;

___3, into the creation of the memo page, click on the bottom of the “plus” icon;

_4, in the memo of the phone system comes with the “memo” function;

_5, in the memo of the phone system comes with the “memo” function;

_6 p>___4, in the options that appear, select the “scanning text” column;

___5, then the camera will appear on the page, this time to use the phone’s camera to take a picture of the documents that need to be scanned;

___6, and finally click on the bottom right corner of the screen “Storage”, and then click on the upper right corner of the screen “Share” icon to share the scanned documents.

___It should be noted that the system of Apple’s cell phone must be the iOS11 version can be scanned documents, first open the cell phone “Settings” icon, then open the “General”, in the General interface select “The first thing you need to do is to check whether your phone’s system is iOS11 or above, and then you can do the above directly. If not, you need to upgrade your system first.

How do I get a scanned copy of my phone?

1, open the scanning Almighty King; open WeChat, pull down, search for the scanning Almighty King small program

2, open the cell phone scanner, see the function of this small program is still very full, you can turn the picture into a PDF file, you can extract the text of the picture, etc., here we choose the cell phone scanner

3, take a picture, see when we finish the photo of the edge is automatically selected, you can also sharpen the picture, brighten the mode of editing

4, export at this time the scanning has been completed, you can convert the picture to WORD, you can share it with your friends on WeChat, you can send it to the computer, you can export it to PDF or save it as a picture directly.

Which God has Zenmap (port vulnerability scanning tool) V7.92 green Chinese version of the software Baidu cloud resources


Extract code: k7y8

Software name: Zenmap (port vulnerability scanning tool) V7.92 green Chinese version

Language: Simplified Chinese

Size. 27.30MB

Category: System Tools

Introduction: Zenmap green Chinese version is an excellent port vulnerability scanning tool, Zenmap can help users check the port situation on the host, and Zenmap can detect the corresponding port of the software, and Zenmap manipulation is very simple, the need for friends to download it! Zenmap is a powerful and easy to use software that can detect ports on a host.

What is the function of pingtoolspro on top of the phablet?

PingToolsPro for Android, a very full-featured mobile network testing tool, with dns lookup, WiFi scanner, domain name registration, IP calculator, port scanner, route tracking and other features, simple to use, so you can easily detect network conditions.

Software Description:

This is the professional version of PingTools. By purchasing this program, you will support further development, plus this version has no ads.

Software Features:

Watch – Checks network resources as expected. Watch shows notifications if the status of the resources has changed, and it allows you to stay informed of any problems with the network at home or at work.

LAN-Find other network devices. You will always know who is connecting to your network, as well as identify the hardware manufacturer and what services are running on those devices.

Ping-The tool doesn’t need a description. You can use a standard set of parameters, as well as additional features such as TCP and HTTP\HTTPS Ping. Background work and sound notifications will allow you to monitor the status of the remote host without distraction.

GeoPing-checks the availability of resources throughout the world. With just a click of the mouse you can find out if your website is accessible before Singapore.

Route Tracer – Indispensable tool for system administrators. The packets displayed on it are routed from the device to the destination host. Visual Trace Route uses a map to show you how packets go around the globe to reach a specified destination.

iperf-utility for analyzing network bandwidth. It is based on iperf3 and supports both server and client modes.

Port Scanner- A powerful multi-threaded TCP port scanner. With this tool you can get a list of open ports on remote devices. Most of the ports are shown with descriptions so you will know what applications use it.

Domain Registration – A tool that displays information about domains or IP addresses. With the help of domain registration you can find information about the organization, contact information and other information about the date of registration of the domain.

UPnP Scanner – Displays UPnP devices on your local network. with UPnP scanner you can find the IP address of your router, gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, media servers, and other devices. dlna-compatible televisions and media boxes (Samsung’s AllShare, LGSmartShare) are also supported. are also supported.

Bonjour Browser – is a web utility for exploring the Bonjour (ZeroConf, avahi) service on the web. Bonjour has been built with Apple’s operating system, so you can use this tool to search for network addresses on an iPhone\iPod, etc.

Wi-Fi Scanner – a list of access points around you. In addition, you can find information about the manufacturer of the AP, signal level and much more. You can visualize all this using charts and graphs. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz devices are supported.

Subnet Scanner – This tool scans your Wi-Fi subnets all over looking for other hosts. The scanner can detect hosts by pinging them or checking multiple TCP ports. So u can simply find the subnet that serves you (for ex scanning port 22 to find where SSH is running). You can also customize the scan to configure IP address ranges.

Wake-on-LAN-is a tool that allows you to send a special packet (called a magic packet) to remotely turn on a networked computer. Wake-on-LAN is just irreplaceable in cases when you don’t have access to a computer, which is suddenly turned off physically.

IP Calculator – This utility is useful when setting up a network device.IP Calculator helps you to calculate the parameters of the network, determining the range of IP addresses, subnet masks.