ppt text box add animation how to set

ppt text animation settings where?

1, first of all, in the PPT slide page to insert a text box and enter text, click on the toolbar in the “animation” and select one of the animation effect.

2, and then click the animation tab in the lower right corner of the icon button.

3, and then open the animation settings dialog box to set the text of the animation of the right drop-down menu in the “alphabetical” option.

4, and then enter the preview interface can be found in the inserted text content has been in accordance with the alphabetical order of the playback.

In ppt2007, only the text box or placeholder settings for custom animation will appear text animation. Selected text box or placeholder set up custom animation, right-click animation effects in the animation pane timing text animation options such as “by the first level of paragraph”

ppt text custom animation how to set

This video demonstrates the model: Huawei MateBook14, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Edition, software version: WPSOffice2019;

First of all, open the animation to be customized to the PPT file, double-click to open it, select the top menu column in the 【Animation】option. Click on the lower right corner of the [Customize Animation] option, in the right side of the PPT page, an animation customization window will pop up, in the customization window at the top, tap [Select Pane] option, you can choose a different PPT;

First of all, open to customize the animation of the PPT file page, the switching animation of the fonts, pictures and other content of each PPT to customize the change, you can also go back to the [Animation], click on the [Animation] option in the top menu column, select the [Animation] option in the bottom menu column. You can also go back to [Animation], click the [Preview Effect] option, the preview of the custom animation effect Oh;

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How to add a text box “into” and “out of” two animation effects

1, the computer to open the PPT, select the text to be inserted into the animation.

2, select the text, click Add Animation.

3, after clicking Add Animation, select an incoming animation.

4, add an entry animation, then select the text and continue to click to add the exit animation.

5. After adding two animations, there will be two animation icons on the text.

6. Go to the play page, click on the text to come out, and then click on the text to exit.

PPT set subtitle animation methods and techniques

Today we use the form of animation to introduce the Powerpoint presentation set subtitle animation methods and techniques.

We often see some courseware in the playback process, some of the characters from left to right (from bottom to top) scrolling appears, this effect can be used in PowerPoint “subtitle” animation to achieve.

1, the characters will be entered into a text box.

2, select the text box, click “Customize Animation” task pane in the “Add Animation” button, in the subsequent pop-up shortcut menu, expand the “into the” below the cascading menu, select the “subtitle” animation option on the line.

Note: If the “Subtitle” animation option is not in the “Go” cascade, you can set it up by selecting one of the “Other Animations” options.