Taobao automatic shipment how to mention the card can not be withdrawn

automatic delivery of goods can not extract the card secret how to do ah

Taobao’s automatic delivery as an example: 1. photographed the selected goods (such as rechargeable cards) after payment to Alipay 2. click

has been bought the baby (to find the transaction just now) 3. you will see that the status of the transaction has become (the seller has been shipped to wait for the confirmation of the buyer) click on the “extraction of the card secret! “button (green) 4. Then will come out a picture prompt you do not fooled (you need to choose the first) click OK you can see the password. This is clear enough to understand it o(∩_∩)o…

Why can’t I withdraw my card key from Taobao when I bought an autoship item?

-This one is out of stock in the system

Contact the seller and tell him to put it on the shelf.

This has happened before.

I bought virtual goods from Taobao, but there is no “withdraw card secret” button when I receive the goods. I’m not sure if I’ve been scammed or not.

1. Because you may not have bought an “auto-ship” virtual item

Please look at the label

2. If there is an “auto-ship” label and you can’t extract the key, contact the seller

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3. If the seller ignores it, you can directly file a complaint and get a bad review.

I bought a game point card in Taobao automatic delivery kind of results show that the seller delivery but I extracted the card secret is no did not show how?

Automatic shipment is not possible without the card secret, you click on the open to see, not directly show.

Automatic shipment, out of the problem, generally Taobao customer service is in the position of the seller, because it is automatic shipment. The system gives the card secret.

Want Want Auto Ship how to extract

Auto Ship goods as long as the payment status will become the seller has been shipped waiting for the buyer to confirm and then in my Taobao-bought baby to find your transaction next to the extraction of a card secret

1. buyers shoot the use of “Auto Ship” goods.

2. Successful payment through Alipay.

3. The system automatically sends the corresponding card number and password directly to the buyer’s “My Taobao” and “Purchased Items” pages.

4. The buyer clicks on “Extract Card Number and Password” to get the relevant information.

The seller does not need to be online to realize the 24-hour transaction platform.

The seller will enter the card number and password into Taobao’s autoship platform system, and when the buyer takes a picture and pays, the system will automatically send the card number and password to the buyer.