Text invisible after excel line feed

Excel table after the carriage return text disappeared what is going on?

Cell font color is set to white, or press Alt+Return to change lines.

1, open Excel, you can still see the text when you type.

2, enter the text is gone.

3, select the cell, and then set the font color.

4, set the font color, you can display the text.

excel table text content automatically line feed after the text content can not be displayed how to solve?

Double-click this cell, enter the edit state, move the cursor to the last paragraph to the place where the line, press the alt key at the same time enter.

MicrosoftExcel automatic line feed after the next line of words do not show?

Click on the line to the left of the most (at the serial number), there will be an arrow to the right, and the line color change is selected, right-click to adjust the line height can be.