The left border of the word table is not displayed

There is no line on the left and right of wpsword

The steps to solve the problem are as follows:

1. The border line is missing because it is set to none. Can be operated according to the following steps. Open the word form that needs to be processed.

2. Mouse box to select the form, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up drop-down options, select [border and background text].

3. In the pop-up system dialog box, select [Borders] window.

4. You can set the style, color, and width of the border.

5. Border line can be set according to their own needs into a dotted line, solid line, double-sided line, etc., border line type, border line color, width of these can be based on their own needs to choose. After the completion of the selection click on the lower right side [OK

WORD insert a good form, the left border does not show how to do? I step for Insert – Object – created by the file

1, there are times when the form copied from elsewhere will also appear in this case, as follows.

2, select the form – Layout – Auto Adjust – automatically adjust the form according to the window.

3, complete all the display.

4, the second case style is as follows:

5, the cursor is placed anywhere in the text cell – Layout – Properties.

6, Options – (check) automatically resize to fit the content – OK.

7, Row – specify the height (row height value is set to the minimum) – (check) allow line breaks across pages – OK.

8, complete the style is as follows.