Web page can not copy text crack method

Web page text can not be copied how to solve

Sometimes we searched out some information on the Internet, but there is this situation: no matter how we drag the mouse, can not pick the text on the web page, click the left and right mouse buttons do not have any reflections, how do we do it? In fact, this is mainly in order to prevent the information on some sites are randomly reproduced and take a protective measure (the general method is to disable the left and right mouse buttons), I sorted out a few ways to crack the online text can not be copied the problem. Method 1, the simplest way to crack 1. Use IE kernel browser, 360 browser to use compatibility mode, open the “Internet Properties” page. 2. Select the “custom level” to find the following settings 3. will java “small Program Script” and “Activity Script” is set to disable and then OK, and finally refresh the page all ok! Method two, open the web page you want to copy the text, find the address bar above the toolbar, find the button, click on the right side of the drop-down arrow down, you can choose to use Word, Notepad, Excel editing, I usually choose to use Word, and after a while, the will appear in a Word document, in which to find their own need to copy the text can be copied. method three, open the web page you want to copy the text, find the menu bar ¡ú Save As (A) ¡ú there will be the following chart ¡ú Save Type ¡ú click on the drop-down arrow to the right of it ¡ú select ¡ú and then click “Save” on it, and then find the text file to copy the content you want on it. method four, call the source file to view the text. Select the menu “View”, click “Source Files”, open Notepad will be able to see all the text of the page, select what you need. method five, download and install the Chinese version of SnagIt, the use of the capture software SnagIt to achieve. SnagIt has a “text capture” function, you can capture the text of the screen, you can also be used to capture encrypted web page text. Click the window “Text Capture” button, click the “Input” menu, select “Regional” option, and finally click “Capture “button, then the cursor will become a hand-shaped icon with a cross, press the left mouse button in the web page to drag the selected text you want to copy, release the mouse will pop up a text preview window, you can see the web page in the text has been copied to the window. The rest of the work is good to do, the preview window in the text copy to other text editors can be, of course, you can also edit directly in this preview window to modify the direct save. Software Name: SnagIt Chinese version official version of the method six, use a special browser. Install a non-IE kernel and support for viewing web page source code of the browser, because most of these disable the code is aimed at IE browser. Here to recommend MozillaFirefox Firefox, built-in phishing protection, change the label browsing behavior, the ability to re-open outside the closed tab, better support for web page subscription preview and subscription, spell-checking, support for Javascript1.7, I think it’s very good to use, but also effective against rogue software and malicious code of the infestation, so the special recommended to I think it works well, and can effectively resist rogue software and malicious code, so I recommend it to everyone. (Note: If you still can’t use the right click after downloading, the left click to select the available shortcut keys CTRL + C copy.) This site is highly recommended, the efficiency of 100%.

Web page text can not be copied how to solve

Web page content is prohibited to copy how to do? Recently, some users are browsing the web, intend to copy some articles, but encountered the problem of not being able to copy the web page content, how to solve it? Please see the specific solution below.

Method 1

1, open the target page, select the address bar of the web page. (Here to 360 browser as an example)

2, in the address bar to enter the next line of code, all input.

javascript: void ($={});

Press enter (Enter), crack complete. (Enter will not jump to the web page)

3. Note that if the web page is refreshed, the restriction will be restored and you need to re-enter the code.

Method 2

1, open the upper right corner of the tool, select the last option.

2, select Advanced Settings – Web Page Settings, click Web Content Advanced Settings.

3, find the JavaScript option – Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.

4, finish, close the options tab. (You can tune back in when you’re done)

How to crack webpage copy and paste ban?

Ban Web copy and paste and crack copy and paste


1, first select the target, and then in the target on the right mouse button, this time will pop up a prompt window, then do not release the right button, the mouse pointer to the prompt window “OK” button, and then press the left button! Now release the left mouse button. Now release the left mouse button, the restriction window is closed, and then move the mouse to the target to release the right mouse button, the right mouse button menu pops up, the restriction is canceled!

2, press Shift + F10 or press the keyboard with the right-hand side of the Ctrl key next to the key, can easily break the above this kind of right mouse button on the shield.

3, in the browser address bar type “javascript:alert(document.oncontextmenu=”)” (input do not enter double quotes), this time a dialog box will pop up, click “OK! “button, and then to the target (picture or text) click the right mouse button you can see the pop-up menu!

4, open internet properties point “security” and then click “custom security level” set to “high” and finally click OK, refresh the web page, then! All confinement lifted. Purpose achieved.

Computer open web page can not copy its content how to do? How to solve the problem of not being able to copy the text in a web page

We often open web pages in our computers, and when browsing web pages we may encounter a situation where we want to copy the content of the web page. Normally, you can select the text in the web page and choose to copy it, but there is a situation where you can’t copy it. For the above problem, I would like to introduce a method with you to get the text that can’t be copied in the webpage.

1, open the web page to be copied, right-click and select “View Source File”;

2, show the following chart in the web page code;

3, press Ctrl + A select the page content, and then right-click and select Copy, or press Ctrl + C, copy the content;

4, A new Word document, click the right mouse button, click the “selective paste”, select “unformatted text”, click OK, the content of the web page to paste the document;

5, and then delete the code part of the retained text content;

6, press Ctrl+A to select the page content, and then press Ctrl+C to copy the content.

6, the last text content can be typeset.

If you need to get a web page in the computer can not directly copy the text content, then try to use the above methods to solve this problem.