What day of the week is today?

How do you write what day of the week is today in English?

The English for what day of the week is today is Whatdayisittoday, pronounced [wʌt] [deɪ] [ɪz] [ɪt] [təˈdeɪ].

The English for today’s date is Whatdateisittoday, [wʌt] [deɪt] [ɪz] [ɪt] [təˈdeɪ].

Key Vocabulary Explanations:

1. What

pron. what; how; how much

adj. what; how much; how much

adv. to what extent, in what way

int. what; how much

2. day

n. day; period of time ; daytime

adv. every day; often during the day

adj. daytime; day by day

3. today

adv. today, today; present, contemporary

n. today, today; now, contemporary


Today’s Usage:

1. as a noun

Today, when used as an uncountable noun, means today, referring to day, not night. It is usually used as a subject, and when it is used as a determiner, it is often used in its possessive case. today can also be used to mean now, contemporary.

Today is equal to onthisday, so you can’t add the preposition on in front of it.

Today is used as an adverb, meaning today, today, daytime, not nighttime, with no comparative and no superlative. today can also mean now, in the present day.

2, as an adverb

today is used as an adverb to indicate in today, today, only refers to the day, not the night, there is no comparative and the highest level. today can also mean nowadays, in contemporary times.

Today used in indirect quotations should be changed to thatday.

How to say the day of the week today in English

What day of the week today: Whatdayistoday


英[wɒt] 美[wɑːt]

pron./det……. what; … things; whatever; wherever … the thing; how; true; too

2. today

English [təˈdeɪ] American [təˈdeɪ]

adv. today; on this day; at today’s date; now; present day; contemporary

n. today; today’s date; now; present day; contemporary

3. day

English [deɪ] American [deɪ] < /p>

n. a day; a day; day; daytime; a working day; a time of day’s activity

Expanded Information:

Different Uses of day:

I. a day; a day:

Example Sentence: ‘Whatdayisittoday?’ ‘Monday.’

Translation: “What day of the week is today?” “Monday.”

II. day; daytime

Example sentence: thesunwasshiningallday.

Translation: the day has been sunny.

Third, working day; the time of the day’s activities

Example sentence: Didyouhaveagoodday?

Translation: Did you have a good day?

What is the Chinese translation of Whatdayistoday?


English [wɒtdeɪɪztəˈdeɪ], American [wɑːtdeɪɪztəˈdeɪ].

Today’s day of the week; today’s day of the week; today is the day of the week.

Bilingual Example Sentences:

1、Alice: What day is today?

Alice: What day of the week is today?

2. What day is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

3. What a gorgeous day it is today!

What a beautiful day it is today!

4、She: Do you remember what day is today?

She: Do you remember what day it is today?

5.” What day is today?” “It’s Monday.”

“What day of the week is today?” “What day of the week is today? One.”

Whatdayistoday means in Chinese?


Chinese meaning:

What number is today?

What day of the week is today?