What does Information Center Number mean?

What is SMS center number?

Short message center number is a kind of short message server, if you fill in the wrong, the short message can’t be sent successfully, each area has its own message center number, take Gansu Unicom as an example (+8613010879500), the specific number you can ask the local Unicom customer service.

What is the SMS center number of a cell phone?

If you are using a Vivo phone, the SMS center number is a kind of short message server. The SMS sent by the phone needs to be sent to the SMS center number first, and then forwarded to the other phone by the SMS center number, which is equivalent to the SMS relay station.

Check the SMS center number:

FuntouchOS3.0 and 4.5 system: Settings-Information-SMS center number

The SMS center number is different for each regional operator, if you modify the SMS center number, the SMS may not be able to be sent, so don’t modify it easily! If you have already changed it, you can ask your local network operator for the exact number and change it.

The operator’s contact number: Mobile: 10086; Unicom: 10010; Telecom: 10000; Broadcasting: 10099.