What does ps mean in copywriting?

What does PS mean? Seeing someone say a paragraph followed by a PS (PS: I don’t know what PS means, anyone help me out?)

It’s an abbreviation for postscript (note, which can also be interpreted as an appendix, postscript)

Here’s where it comes from:

1, (after the signature at the end of a letter) re, and; appendix (abbreviated as P.S., PS., PS, or p.s.)

2, (of a book, etc.) an appendix; a trek, an addendum

3, [English] (after a news broadcast) an ending statement< /p>

PS stands for:

1PS refers to postscript, meaning “note, note”;

2PS refers to Photoshop, a famous professional image-processing software, which is used by almost all advertising and graphic design companies;

3PS refers to Sony’s Photoshop, which is used by Sony’s Sony Corporation. 3PS refers to Sony’s game console playstation, which has been followed by PS2, PSP, and PS3;

4PS refers to PoliticalScience, a branch of science;

5PS refers to Polystyrene, a thermoplastic synthetic resin, the largest application area is the electronics/electrical appliances industry ……

All in all, PS means a lot of things, you have to take your time to understand it~~~~

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Catalog – [1] PS fonts

– [2] Photoshop software

– [3] File formats

– [4] Game consoles

– [5] Political science

– [6] Materials

– [7] English abbreviations

– [8 ] Common Terms

-[9] Internet Terms

-[10] Novels

-[11] Disciplines

-[12] Uncommon Explanations

PS Classification:

[1] PS Fonts

PS fonts are curved, contoured fonts that are described in Adobe’s PostScript language. PS fonts are designed for output from PS devices, mainly for laser printers and laser typesetters. Since the screen is not a PS device, the PS word is not used for screen display, therefore, the PS word should be used with the corresponding dot matrix fonts to display.PS fonts are the best quality fonts for printing, which can be scaled arbitrarily, and the printing is clear and smooth.PS fonts are usually installed on the hard disk connected with the printer or the phototypesetter.PS language is the international standard and the most advanced page description language, which has become the most popular in the world with its advantages in the precise description of the The PS language is the international standard and the most advanced page description language, with its advantages in the precise description of text and images and become the most advanced laser printing language, its ability to far exceed the PCL language.

[2] Photoshop Software

Photoshop, a famous professional image processing software.

[3] File format

Suffix: .ps

Introduction: PostScript files, used to store electronic books.

Opening tool:GhostScript

[4] Game consoles

PS refers to Sony’s game console playstation, which has been followed by PS2, PSP, and PS3.

CPU: 32-bit RISC, running at 33.8688MHz

Screen Resolution: 640X480

Maximum number of colors: 16.77 million colors

Number of colors on the same screen: 4,000 colors

Polygon processing power: 360,000/sec

Sound:PCM sound source 24 channels, signal sampling frequency 44.1KHz, the same as CD music

Memory: 28Mbit

Software carrier: CD-Rom

First sales: 300,000 units (the same month)

Cumulative global sales: more than 100 million units

Cumulative sales of games: more than 1.5 billion sets

Peripheral devices: expansion memory cards, mouse, movie cards, remote communication terminals, a variety of handmade and so on

Special features Functions: zoom in and out, cyclotron, deformation, multiple scrolls, such as leather mud effects, up to a screen with 4,000 active colors, processing 360,000 polygons per second

The biggest feature of the PS (advantages) is its superb image processing capabilities, PS to join the special 3D processor, so that the image of the operating speed of up to 30 MIPS (million calculations / second), a second can be 36 million polygonal rows of calculations, PS to join the dedicated 3D processor, so that the running speed of the image up to 30 MIPS (million calculations / second), a second can be carried out. PS’s 3D chip is the standard advanced graphics workstation chip, is the next era of machine war in the image of the strongest ability of a host, the PC personal computer at the time there is no kind of video card can be comparable to the PS’s 3D chip, can be matched with the PS only workstation level of advanced computers, PS adopts the principle of work is the work of the workstation machine is the principle of the image processing to the special “processing work to the” special “workstation machine,” the PS is the principle of work of the “workstation machine. The PS uses the same working principle as the workstation machine, which is to hand over the image processing work to the special “3D geometry auxiliary processor” (GPU), while the CPU concentrates on its job of data calculation.

The PS program was originally a joint effort between Nintendo and Sony, but unfortunately, the honeymoon period between the two manufacturers did not last long and ended with Nintendo’s secret embrace of Phillips’ “derailment”. As a result of the legal loophole, Nintendo in the storm was able to get away, leaving Sony empty, the new era of the host war of hidden dangers buried.

December 3, 1994, accompanied by “いちーにーさん、すべでのゲームはここにいる! (1-2-3, all the games are gathered here!)” the classic tagline, the PlayStation officially went on sale.

The first 100,000 units shipped were snapped up by midday in Akihabara and other places, where hundreds of people lined up to buy them, and even the grandson of Sony president Norio Oga had to leave empty-handed. Due to the brand appeal of PS, many well-known software vendors have to join, PS consoles began to gradually show a blossoming situation, until the two platinum-level game makers Square and Enix announced that they would bring their masterpieces “Final Fantasy VII” and “Dragon Warrior VII” to PS, the avalanche effect caused by them is tantamount to declaring the end of the 32-bit console era of the war in advance.

[5] Political Science

PS stands for Political Science, a branch of science.

[6] Materials

PS refers to Polystyrene

that is, a thermoplastic synthetic resin, which is widely used in the construction industry (exterior wall insulation) and the packaging industry (shock-absorbing plastic foam), and is one of the most commonly used general-purpose plastics.

[7] English abbreviations

English commonly used abbreviations, PostScript, that is, notes, letters, articles commonly used at the end.

Example of usage:

PS: This article is my modification 🙂

[8] Common phrases

[English] (after the news broadcast) the end of the sentence

[9] Internet terms

PS is the abbreviation of the two beginning letters of the death-fearing hanyu pinyin

[10] Novels

Author. Writer. Network novels often appear in the words of some authors, they use “PS” to represent themselves. Such as:PS: “Everyone sorry for not updating yesterday, I’ll update 2 more chapters today to apologize!”

Can also be understood as a “note” that is to add or correct some of the article is not easy to understand the place.

[11] Sect

Dream Journey to the West in the magic sect – short for Pansi Cave

Location: South Junbu Continent

Master: Bai Jingjing

Acceptance conditions: magic, female

Reference point distribution: physical, agility, magic, endurance

Discipline characteristics: not subject to any hidden weapon damage.

Description of Sect: In Pansi Cave, there are many enchanting and charming magical girls, they like to pursue excitement and challenges, and their frankness and honesty make them different from ordinary women. Pansi disciples are good at the spider silk formation, which can make any hidden weapons ineffective, in addition, when they are casting their souls to take away their souls, how many of them can still be as still as water, not ripples?

[12] Uncommon Explanations


=PacificSouthwestAirlines Pacific Southwest Airlines [U.S.A.

2.PassengerSteamer Passenger Ship

3.PerformanceStandard Performance Standard

4.PermanentSecretary Permanent Undersecretary [UK];

5.PharmaceuticalSocietyofGreatBritainPharmaceuticalSociety of Great Britain

6.PhilologicalSociety Linguistic Society [UK]

7. PhysicalSciencesPhysical Sciences

8.Picketship(radar)sentry ship


10.PlasticSurgeryPlastic Surgery

11.PointofSwitchTip of the rutting device

12.PolarizedSounderPolarized Sounders


14.PowerSupplyPower Supply

15.PressSecretaryPress Secretary

16.PressureSwitchPressure Switch


18.ProcessSpecificationOperating Instructions

19.ProcessSto-rageOperating [Working] Depository

20.ProcurementSpecificationPurchasing InstructionSpecification



23.PropellantSupplyPropellant supply

24.ProtonSynchrotron ProtonSynchrotron

25.PublicSaftyPublic safety

26.PublicServicePublic utility

27.PullSwitchPull-wire switch

28.PulseShaperPulse shaper, pulse-forming circuit

29. pixelshader pixel drawing (rendering) unit

PS is polystyrene plastic, easy to color, good transparency, mostly used to make lampshades, toothbrush handles, toys, electrical parts. It is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, but easily soluble in chloroform, dichloroethylene, banana water and other organic solvents.

PS: protocalstack protocol stack


Written in correspondence PS: By the way

Written in documents PS: Attachment

Software Abbreviations PS: Adobe Photoshop

What does it mean to put “ps” in front of a text?

P.S. is an abbreviation for postscript, which means attached pen. In the beginning, it refers to the supplemental content used at the end of the letter, with some generalization, wherever the supplemental instructions can be used.


What is the meaning of ps

ps in different occasions will have different meanings:

1, in the article, ps generally refers to the “appendix”, “additional instructions” means. Generally in the letter, short message and some other length requirements of the text added. For example, if you have to go to school tomorrow, you don’t have to go if it rains hard.

2, software, ps refers to the Photoshop this software, is developed and issued by AdobeSystems image processing software.

Photoshop mainly deals with digital images made up of pixels. Using its many retouching and drawing tools, one can effectively work with image editing. ps has many features that are involved in all aspects of images, graphics, text, video, publishing, etc.

Graphic design is the most widely used area of Photoshop, whether it is a book cover, but also invitations, posters, these print materials need Photoshop software to image processing.

3, in scientific research, ps refers to polystyrene (Polystyrene), the abbreviation is ps. It is a polymer generated by the reaction of styrene under certain conditions, daily life is in fact “plastic”, this plastic material is heat-resistant, and therefore often in the plastic cups, plastic lunch boxes, and other products that need to be used. This plastic material is heat-resistant, so it is often used in plastic cups, plastic lunch boxes, and other disposable items that need to be exposed to high temperatures.

The most important feature of polystyrene is that it has very good thermal stability and fluidity when melting, so it is easy to mold and process, especially injection molding, which is suitable for mass production. Molding shrinkage is small, and the dimensional stability of molded products is also good.