What does spss mean?

What is SPSS

SPSS is a statistical product and service solution software.

Initially, the full name of the software was “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”, but with the expansion of the SPSS product service area and the depth of service increased, SPSS has been officially changed to “Statistical Products and Services Solutions” in 2000. “

SPSS for IBM launched a series of statistical analysis for computing, data mining, predictive analytics and decision support tasks of the software products and related services of the general term, there are Windows and MacOSX and other versions.

Features of SPSS

The most prominent feature of SPSS is that the interface is extremely user-friendly, and the output results are beautiful and beautiful. It presents almost all functions in a unified, standardized interface, using the Windows window approach to show the functions of various methods of managing and analyzing data, and dialog boxes to show a variety of functions to select items.

Users as long as the mastery of certain Windows operating skills, proficient in the principles of statistical analysis, you can use the software for a specific scientific research work. SPSS uses a similar EXCEL form to enter and manage data, data interface is more general.

Can easily read data from other databases. Its statistical process includes commonly used, more mature statistical process, can fully meet the work needs of non-statistical professionals.

SPSS software for what ah

It is a data statistics and analysis software.

It can provide comprehensive statistical analysis, easy to use can be quickly operated, can narrow the gap between data science and data understanding; in the specific direction of the application, SPSS provides advanced statistical analysis, a large number of machine learning algorithms, text analysis and other functions, with open-source scalability, can be integrated with the integration of big data, and can be deployed seamlessly into the application.

What is the difference between the two statistical methods, spss and lsd? In what situations are they used respectively? Urgent

SPSS is a data statistics software, not a data statistics method. In SPSS this kind of data statistics software, including many kinds of data statistics method, of course, including LSD.

LSD is a kind of data statistics method, the English is: leastsignificantancedifference, Chinese become the least significant method, in SPSS can be carried out in this way to analyze.

LSD is for multiple comparisons of multiple groups of data, in the SPSS software, this LSD is in the ANOVA (analysis of variance) inside.

For example, you want to analyze the comparison of the height of men in the three provinces of Shandong, Henan and Hebei. Then you need to go to the three places and take random measurements, that is, find a bunch of random men to take height measurements. Come back and divide these data into three groups according to provinces.

Then in the SPSS inside the analysis of variance (ANOVA), ANOVA can only tell you whether the three provinces in at least one of the provinces of men’s height is different from the other two provinces, but can not be compared between the two provinces. In order to realize the two-two comparison, you must make multiple comparisons.

Multiple comparisons have many methods, which can be selected in the ANOVA interface. One of them is the LSD method, which is more commonly used, and this method has a prerequisite that requires equal variance between groups.

Thus, LSD is a method of multiple comparisons in which the variances between groups are equal. And SPSS is a software that can perform this analysis (and of course other analyses as well).