What is the dhcp server configuration information

What is DHCP in a network? What does it do? How to configure and set?

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and is one of the TCP/IP protocols used to assign dynamic IP addresses to network clients. These assigned IP addresses are pre-reserved by the DHCP server as a set of multiple addresses, and they are generally sequential.

1. DynamicHostConfigurationProtocol (DHCP) is a LAN network protocol that allows servers to dynamically assign IP addresses and configuration information to clients.

2. Working with the UDP protocol, there are two main uses: to automatically assign IP addresses to internal networks or network service providers, and to users or internal network administrators as a means of centralized management of all computers, as described in detail in RFC2131.

What does dhcp mean

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol for local area networks. It refers to a range of IP addresses that are controlled by a server, so that clients can automatically obtain the IP address, subnet mask and DNS address assigned by the server when they log on to the server. dhcp messages are protocol messages carried on UDP, and use two port numbers, 67 (for DHCP servers) and 68 (for DHCP clients).

Features of the DHCP Protocol

The DHCP protocol uses a client or server model, where the task of dynamically assigning host addresses is driven by network hosts. When the DHCP server receives information from the network host to apply for an address, only then will it send the relevant address configuration and other information to the network host to realize the dynamic configuration of the network host address information.

DHCP has the following functions,

1, to ensure that any IP address can only be used by one DHCP client at the same time.

2, DHCP should be able to assign permanent fixed IP addresses to users.

3, DHCP should be able to coexist with hosts that have obtained IP addresses by other means.

4, DHCP servers should provide services to existing BOOTP clients.