What is the symbol for the underscore of a password?

Hello, when registering an account, what is the meaning of the underscore prompted when setting a password

It’s this “_” symbol. This is the underscore, passwords don’t need to have underscores, you change it. I hope you can help. I hope you will adopt it.

What is the 12306 underline symbol

Underlining is a punctuation mark.

It is usually used to indicate spacing or connections between words or phrases, and can also be used for emphasis or underlining. In the 12306 website, underlining is usually used to connect words or characters for better readability in programming and also to avoid possible ambiguity.

In addition to using underscores in programming, underscores can also be used when entering text or names online to show spaces or other special characters. On the 12306 website, underscores may be used in account names or passwords.

On the 12306 website, underscores may be used in account names or passwords, but care must be taken when entering them. 12306’s underscore is a special character used to increase the complexity and security of passwords. The underscore symbol can be typed by clicking on the “Shift” + “_” symbols in the case of English input.

Introduction of the development history of Chinese punctuation:

In the ancient Chinese documents, generally do not add punctuation, but through the sense of speech, tone of voice auxiliary words, grammatical structure, etc. to break the sentence (in the article to add the “sentence reading 〈jùdòu〉 symbol”: a period indicates the end of the sentence; read the sign looks like a The current pause, indicating a pause in the tone of voice), there are often ambiguities, resulting in a misunderstanding of the article; for example, in the Qing Dynasty poet Zhao Tien-yang’s “Updated Xieren Yi Xinji”, there are seven ways of interpreting the sentence “It’s raining and I’m keeping a guest, and the sky is staying and I’m not keeping it” (the other one says that I’m a guest, not me).

Ancient Chinese had no universal punctuation, and in the 19th century began to use “.” as sentence breaks. In Japan, in the 8th century, the system of punctuation was based on the use of the “返点” and the “训点”. But in fact, China has had punctuation marks since the pre-Qin era, which can be seen in archaeological artifacts since the 20th century, only that there is no uniform standard for these marks. For example, in the Warring States period of bamboo slips can be seen in the “└” type of symbols, usually indicates the end of an article.

What is the underline symbol for wechat password

_. WeChat password underline is to switch the language to English, then hold shift and minus to enter the underline symbol, which is represented by _. WeChat password underline is _ symbol.

I registered for 12306 and it shows that I have to fill in ”alphanumeric underline”, for example what is “alphanumeric underline”

Alphabets are the letters of the English letters, such as ABCDEFGabcdefg and so on.

Numbers are Arabic numerals, such as 012345.

Underlining is this symbol: _

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The underscore of 12306 is a special character used to increase the complexity and security of passwords. The use of underscores in passwords can increase the variety of passwords and enhance their strength, making them more difficult to guess or crack.

If you want to register for an account with 12306 and use the underscore as your password, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Open the 12306 website and click the “Register” button on the home page.

2. On the registration page, enter your username and password.

3. In the password input box, press the “Shift” key, and at the same time press the “-” symbol key, you can enter the underscore.

4. Confirm your password and click the “Submit” button to complete your registration.

It is important to note that when registering you need to comply with the rules of 12306 to ensure that your username and password meet the requirements, and do not disclose personal information and account security-related information to protect your account security.