What language is used for web front-end development?

How many front-end programming languages are there?

1, JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that belongs to the web and is widely used for web application development. As a dynamic programming language, it is mainly used to add interactivity to websites. As an interpreted programming language that runs in the browser, its advantages are obvious, such as the ability to easily realize cross-platform, cross-browser driven web pages and interaction with the user. JavaScript also enables the development of many web frameworks such as Angular.js, Ember.js, and JavascriptMVC.

2, PHP language

Often heard that PHP is the world’s first language, in fact, there is some truth to this statement. As a common language for web architecture development, PHP has developed many web frameworks, including Zendframework, CakePHP, ThinkPHP, etc. PHP’s unique syntax is a mix of C, Java, Perl, and PHP’s own new syntax. Currently, PHP is mainly used on the server side for web development.

3, HTML5

HTML is a super text markup language, is “web page creation and other information that can be seen in the web browser” design language. HTML5 is the latest language specification released by the World Wide Web, is the cornerstone of the open Web network platform, so do HTML5 is the latest language specification released by the World Wide Web, which is the cornerstone of the open Web platform, so being proficient in HTML5 is a must-have skill for Web front-end.

4, Ruby (used together with RubyonRails)

What languages do you need to learn for front-end web development?

Front-end web development need to learn languages such as html language, java script, jQuery and so on.

Front-end development language is a process of creating web pages or apps and other front-end interface to present to the user, using a variety of technologies derived from html, javajQuery and so on. Here are a few of the front-end development languages commonly used.

1, html language: is a web page of the basic markup language, novice grasp is relatively simple, is the production of web pages one of the necessary language.

2, java script: is a lightweight into the language. Generally run on the client side, mainly by some events to change the code and display the effect of the web page, the purpose is to layer frame HTML interactivity. Is the front-end developers of each site must master

3, jQuery: is a simple and fast JavaScript library. Is developed by java open source library, compared to learning java script jQuery to learn but relatively simple, which reduces the difficulty of web front-end development, and jQuery is compatible with almost all browsers.

Front-end web development needs to learn the language html language, java script, jQuery, etc.