What to do if the network’s default gateway is often unavailable

What is the reason for frequent default gateway unavailability on computer? A trick to fix default gateway unavailability

There may be various reasons for frequent default gateway unavailability problems on your computer, including incorrect network settings, network card driver issues, network failure, etc.

To fix the default gateway unavailability issue, you can try the following steps:

1. Restart your computer and network devices: Sometimes the problem may just be temporary, and a temporary network failure can be resolved by restarting your computer and network devices.

2. Check the network connection: Make sure the network connection is working properly by checking if the network cable is plugged in or if the wireless network is connected properly.

3. Update the NIC driver: The problem of the default gateway not being available may be caused by an outdated or corrupt NIC driver. You can find the NIC driver in Device Manager, right-click and select “Update Driver”.

4. Reset TCP/IP protocol: Open a command prompt, type in the following command and press enter to execute it:




This will reset the TCP/IP stack, which may clear up errors in the network settings.

5. Reset the Winsock directory: type the following command in a command prompt and press enter to execute it:



This will reset the Winsock directory, which may fix problems related to network connectivity.

6. Release and renew IP addresses: open a command prompt, type the following command and press enter to execute it:




This releases and renews the IP address, and may fix problems related to the default gateway.

The above are common fixes for default gateway unavailability issues, if the problem persists, it is recommended to contact your network administrator or network service provider for further assistance.

What should I do if I encounter a situation where the default gateway is not available?

In the use of computers sometimes inexplicably dropped, and then prompted the default gateway is not available, the need for some DNS settings, this step is as follows:

1, first of all, in the lower right corner of the computer click on the 【Network 】 icon, pop-up options, click on the 【open the Network and Sharing Center】, as shown in the figure.

2, and then in the open window, click on the left side of the [change adapter settings] option, as shown.

3, and then right-click on the local connection in the pop-up option click [Properties], as shown in the figure.

4, and then in the open window, click on the [Configuration] button, as shown in the figure.

5, and then inside the [Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power] in front of the removal of the check, you can generally solve this problem, as shown in the figure.

6, if it can not be resolved, double-click the local connection properties interface [Internet Protocol version 4], as shown.

7, the last IP and DNS check automatically get, this problem is solved, as shown in the figure.


1, the default gateway (DefaultGateway) is a computer network how to forward packets to other nodes in the network. In a typical TCP/IP network, nodes (such as servers, workstations, and network devices) have a defined default route setting (pointing to the DefaultGateway). It is possible to specify the next-hop IP address for outgoing packets without a specific route.

2. Each gateway node can also act as a proxy server and firewall.

What is the reason for the frequent occurrence of the default gateway unavailable on the computer? A trick to fix the default gateway is not available

Computer Internet access process is often unstable, dropped and other faults, these are relatively common. If there is always a default gateway unavailable situation what is the reason? Generally may be the router IP time limit, DHCP allocation problems, etc., we do not worry, now tell you a trick to repair the default gateway is not available.

What is the reason that the default gateway is unavailable:

1, mainly may be the router on the IP assigned to you have a time limit.

2, it is also possible that the router has suffered an attack DHCP allocation has problems.

3. The default gateway of your computer cannot be assigned randomly, it must be assigned correctly.

4. The default gateway can be set manually or automatically.

5, the original TCP connection limit crack and system conflict

Default gateway is not available to solve the problem:

1, click on the settings inside the network and internet options.

2, click to find the settings inside the network status change adapter option.

3. Click on the Internet Protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4) option in Ethernet Properties.

4. Enter your router’s ip address in the default gateway and confirm.

Computer default gateway is not available is one of the more common problems, caused by this failure has many reasons, we do not have to be too anxious, just refer to the tutorial to repair it.

Default gateway unavailable old line

In the use of computers, the computer’s default gateway is always unavailable old line, the default gateway is generally unavailable because of IP conflicts or network line drop problem, then look at the next detailed solution it!

Default gateway is not available old dropped line:

One, win10 system gateway is not available to deal with

1, press Win + R key, open the run

2, in the run dialog box pops up to write cmd to open the OK into the dos interface.

3, in the Dos command line write: netshwinsockreset

4, then write: netshintipresetresetreset.log press enter, restart the computer

5, if the above approach is not effective, you can right-click to open the desktop computer, and then open the properties option.

6, enter the Network and Sharing Center, open the change adapter settings

7, enter the list of network connections, right-click to open the current network in use, open the properties option.

8, enter the network connection properties dialog box, open the Internet Protocol version 4.

9, enter the network connection interface, the IP address and DNs are checked as automatically obtained, and then restart the computer can be.

Second, win7 system gateway is not available to deal with

1, click the WIN icon, type CMD – Enter, open the DOS window.

2, in the DOS command line prompt directly enter: netshwinsockreset, and then enter, will prompt the need to reboot, do not care about it.

3, in the DOS command line prompt directly enter: netshintipresetreset.log, winwin7.com

then enter, prompted to restart the computer to complete this operation.

4. Close the DOS window and restart your computer!

1, first of all, the default gateway is unavailable need to ensure that the computer and the router between the network connection is normal, you can try to restart the computer or router to solve the problem.

2, the second check the router settings to ensure that the gateway settings are correct, you can try to reset the router settings to solve the problem.

3, and finally temporarily turn off the firewall or security software to see if you can connect to the network can also be resolved.