Where is the Cisco router configuration save command?

In which file is the cisco 2600 series router’s configuration file startup-config saved?

flash:/ puts cisco’s IOS system files

nvram:/ puts the configuration file that is automatically loaded at boot time, i.e., startup-config

system:/, also known as the switch/router’s memory ram, puts the current running configuration file, i.e. running-config

The command copyrunning-configstartup-config, or copyrunstart for short, saves the current configuration in NVRAM so that the latest configuration can be applied the next time the switch is rebooted, similar to the ctrl+s save operation in word.

Using dirflash:/ in privileged mode allows you to view information about IOS files, and similarly you can view information on other storage media.

How to save cisco router settings

There are two ways to save cisco router settings. As follows:

Method 1: The most common,

Privileged mode:


Method 2:


If the startup can’t load the configuration you can use the command copystartrun


If you want to save the configuration to your computer

you can copy the configuration out with a command like upgrading IOS



Help if you know the save command on the Cisco router

1, first the switch is connected to the power cable.

2, then use the port cable to connect to the computer, one end of the R232 port, one end of the RJ45 similar to the netmail crystal head.

3, open Hyper Terminal, enter a name, OK.

4, select a port, usually port 1, not if you try port 2 and so on.

5. Click Restore to Default Settings.

6, enter the interface and click enter to save.