Where is the location of your browser favorites

Where are web favorites

1, open the computer browser.

2. In the upper right corner of the browser, there is a “three horizontal bars” menu key.

3. Click the menu button.

4. Find the Favorites option, which is Web Favorites. Open it and you can browse the URLs of the bookmarked web pages.

5. The Favorites feature allows you to favorite various information such as text, images, links, etc. in the chat window.

6, such as moving the mouse to the picture, then ”Favorites” will appear. Click to favorite.

IE favorites path where

IE favorites path in: C disk / User (user) / administrator or user name / favorites.

The way to view and open ie favorites:

1, open Internet Explorer, click on the upper-right corner of the “five-pointed star” symbol, that is, the favorites option.

2, open the favorites, click on the drop-down button behind the Add to Favorites, drop-down box, click on “Organize Favorites”.

3, you can open the location of the favorite files.

4, or directly double-click to open “My Computer or Computer”.

5, click to open the C drive, and find the folder User.

6, then enter the folder User and click on the administrator folder.

7. After entering the username folder, you can see the favorites file, which is the Internet Explorer favorites.

360 browser favorites where

Many users in the use of 360 browser, see some useful URLs or web pages will be added to the favorites, but there are not familiar with the computer users do not know where the 360 browser favorites. So the following below I will teach you the 360 browser to open the favorites of the method.

The specific method is as follows:

The default path of the 360 browser favorites is C:\DocumentsandSettings\USER\ApplicationData\360se6\apps\data\users\default.

Win7 in the Win7 may be this:C:. \Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\360se6\apps\data\users\default

Method 1.

1, open 360 browser.

2. You can see the favorites in the display.

Method two,

1, open the system c disk.

2, and then click on the user.

3, open all the list, you can find the favorites.

The above is about the 360 browser to open the favorites of the method, I hope to be able to help you.

Win7 system 360 browser favorites path in which

360 browser because of the ease of use and powerful by the users like, and some win7 pure version of the system users in the use of 360 browser, see some useful web site or web page will be added to the favorites, and sometimes want to 360 browser favorites path to carry out some of the operations, but not know where the 360 browser favorites path? The next step is to take a look at the specific location of the 360 browser favorites path in Win7.

One, 360 browser local favorites path

1, according to the 360 browser version of the different favorites location page varies. The following is an example of 360 Safe Browser;

2, open the folder options, uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files” check box, and then select “Show all files and folders”;

360 Browser Favorites path system software diagram 1

3, in turn, expand the 360 browser directory C: \DocumentsandSettings\USER\ApplicationData\360se6\apps\data\users\default.

4, data directory under the 360sefav.db file (different versions, the file name may also have differences) is the 360 Safe Browser favorites file, 360 browser favorites path is here.

Two, 360 browser network favorites path

1, 360 browser network favorites function can be used after logging in to the account, the user logs in to the account in any computer can enter the network favorites;

2, log in to the 360 account, click on the avatar, select “My Favorites “

3, then enter the” organize favorites “can be on the network favorites” import / export “and” clean favorites “

The above gives you an introduction to the Win7 system on the 360 browser favorites path in which the details, the need for users can refer to the above method to open.