word form border thick line thin line difference

word inside the form lines are not the same thickness how to do

Select the form, click Start – Fonts – All box lines, the form box line uniformly set to the same size.

in word, 1.5 pounds thick solid line with 1.5 pounds thin solid line of the difference between what? Such as the outer border is set to 1.5 pounds of thick solid lines, the inner border is set to 0.5 pounds of thin solid lines.

The thick solid line and the thin solid line, in fact, just the sense of relative. In addition to the size of the pound value is different, there is no qualitative difference.

word inside the form line thickness is not the same how to

Select all the form with a box line, click Start – Font – All box lines, you can set the form box line uniformly to the same size.

WORD inserted into EXCEL why the form is not the same thickness


Borders and internal lines are not uniform, there are thin and thick lines.


1, select the cell data part.

2, and then click “Start” – fonts – all the lines.

3, as shown.