word form how to sequentially numbered arrangement

word in the table serial number how to automatically fill the sort?

word form serial number how to automatically fill the sort, here to share the method of operation.

1, first of all, when editing word, from time to time need to insert the form, in the form of the general will be the first column as the serial number column, I believe that many people should be one by one to enter the number 1, 2, 3 …… of it.

2, when editing the serial number, and then delete or insert a new line, the serial number will not be consecutive, you need to re-enter, for the number of rows of time, it will be more trouble.

3, if you can add or delete rows as in excel tables when the serial number is automatically filled and sorted on it, in the word can also be achieved, please continue to look down.

4, select the form of the serial number column, and then in the number list, select the style to be inserted in the [number].

5, then you will find the serial number inserted in the serial number column, but in the “Serial Number” cell there is also a number 1, it can be deleted, the other lines of the serial number will be automatically filled and sorted.

word form how to automatically serial number

1, enter a word document with a form, here to word2010 document as an example. Enter the toolbar select [start], find the automatic numbering icon button. Select the custom number is to choose the serial number style available to make changes, the serial number of the lower right corner of the point needs to be removed.

2, open the need to operate the WORD document, select the relevant text paragraphs, in the Start tab, click the paragraph number behind the drop-down button. In the pop-up drop-down options, click to select the required numbering style can be. return to the main document, found in the WORD to do text layout when setting the automatic sorting number operation is complete.

3, open the Word document, and then set up. In the Start menu bar to find the selection box of the paragraph options. Find the options in the number of signs, click on the number needed to set up. The following chart, select the automatic numbering, hit the Enter key to complete the automatic numbering.

4, select the space to insert the serial number, click on the “number” option, and then click on the “custom numbering”; select the number of forms, and then click on the “custom”; “Number format” that column to remove the decimal point, and then press “OK” on it.

word how to sort number 123456

1/Insert the form to enter the serial number, open a blank WORD document, create a form, and in the form of the first column of the first column enter the serial number;

2, custom number format, select the first column of the second column to the last column, click on the beginning of the options in the number of the drop-down arrow, a dialog box will pop up, choose the dialog box below the definition of the new numbering format;

3, the numbering format is set to 1, in the pop-up definition of the new numbering grid window, the second numbering format in the number 1 behind the point removed, is to leave the pure number 1.

4, to complete the filling of the serial number, click on the OK button, so that the number of the number of numbers filled in;

5, Insert Forms, in Word Insert a table in Word, and the first column is selected, in the menu bar click “Start”;

6, automatic sorting, click on the automatic sorting icon map, so that Word can be filled with a good serial number.

word form serial number how to sort

Open the [word] document, in the document, you can see a form that has been entered into the numbers, we first of all on the results of a column of numbers for the descending order;

Select the [results] a column of numbers in the upper toolbar click on the [Forms Tools], and then select the following option [Sort], in the pop-up window Click [Descending];

then click [OK], and then select [Sort] a column of forms, click [Start], in the [Paragraph] action bar, select the [Number] option, you can sort the data in the form.