word table indented together how to do

word form overlap together how to do

Because of the settings to allow overlap, the solution of the specific steps are as follows:

The materials to be prepared are: computer, Word document.

The 2013 version of the Word document as an example:

1, first of all, open the Word document needs to be edited, right-click on the form and select open “Form Properties”.

2, and then click on the pop-up window to select “surround”.

3, and then click to open the back of the “positioning”.

4, and then click on the pop-up window to remove the check mark “Allow overlap”, enter to determine.

When editing Word documents, the form overlap together to do ah?

Select the form, right-click and select the “Form Properties” command, open the “Form Properties” dialog box, click the “Form” tab, click “Positioning”, open the “Form Positioning” dialog box, remove the “Allow overlap” before the check box

You can also set the above surround to none