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How to fill the text in the word form quickly

Some partners in the use of Word form software to edit data or text, in order to improve efficiency, want to quickly fill the text, but do not know how to quickly fill it, then I would like to introduce you to it.

Specific as follows:

1. The first step, double-click or right-click to open the need to quickly fill the word form, and then click the arrow pointed to the cross icon.

2. The second step, after completing the click on the cross icon, click on the page in the upper left corner of the start icon, and then click on the arrow pointing to the right of the multi-level number of the drop-down arrow.

3. Step 3, in the drop-down window shown below, click on the arrow to the right of Define New Multilevel List.

4. In the fourth step, after coming to the Define New Multilevel List window shown below, enter the corresponding numbering format you want to set, and then click on the OK option in the lower-right corner.

5. Step 5, once again come to the surface of Word, we can see the successful filling of the form.

6. Step 6, if the partners want to center the text in the table, then click on the Layout option at the top of the page, followed by selecting the center icon in the alignment.

7. Step 7, we can see the page as shown below, successfully completed the table in the text of the fast filling.

Word table auto-fill method

Word table auto-fill method

Excel in the entry of some regular data can be used to complete the auto-fill function, and in Word in the table is not so convenient. But we can workaround, so that Word tables can also be automatically filled. Here to learn!

A copy and paste method:

1, in the form of the first selected “secondary school teachers” a few words, click “Edit” ¡ú Copy, and then select the preparation to fill the “Secondary School Teachers ” the words ‘all cells, click “Edit” ¡ú Paste, so that the selected cells can be filled with a one-time “secondary school teachers” the words. (Figure 1)

2, select the “education” of this column below the cell, click “Edit” ¡ú Copy, to the “highest education” below the cell click (also) is to move the cursor to the cell), and then click “Edit” ¡ú Paste, so that you can “highest education” this column of cells are filled with a one-time with the “education” in this column the same content. (As shown in Figure 2)

Second, the project symbols and numbering method:

1, in a performance table, “Exam Number” in this column is ready to fill in the exam number 6101, 6102, 6103 ……6144, 6145, of which 61 On behalf of the class, the last two is the student order number. At this point, we can select the “test number” of this column below all the cells, click “Format” ¡ú “Bullets and Numbering”, in the “Bullets and Numbering” dialog box. and No.” dialog box, select “No.” tab, select a random numbering method, and then point “Custom” button. (Figure 3)

2, in the “Custom Numbering List” dialog box in the “Numbering Format” box to display the original number to delete, and then enter the “61” the two numbers numbers, and then to the “Numbering Style” list box, select “01, 02, 03” style, and finally point “OK” to exit. Will be in accordance with the order from top to bottom (or from left to right) from 6101 to start automatically filling the examination number. (As shown in Figure 4)