Xi’an Mobile SMS Center Number Inquiry System

Shaanxi SMS center number inquiry

Shaanxi Unicom Xi’an users of the SMS center number: 008613010851500 or +8613010851500, the other nine cities of the SMS center number: 008613010852500 or +8613010852500

What is the mobile number of Xi’an

Question 1: Xi’an Mobile SMS Center Number +8613800290500

Question 2: What is the area code of Xi’an phone number?029 is the fixed-line telephone area code of Xi’an city

The city of Xi’an, which is translated into English as Xi’an, was once known as Daxingcheng, Jingzhao, Fengyuan, Xijing, and is known as Chang’an, the ancient capital of China and the first of the world’s four major cities. Xi’an, the English translation of “Xi’an”, the old translation of “Hsian”, once used the name: Daxingcheng, Jingzhao, Fengyuan, Xijing, the ancient name of Chang’an, the first of China’s ancient capitals, one of the world’s four major civilizations of the ancient capitals, was established in the 16th century BC. Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi Province, China

Question 3: What is the customer service number of Shaanxi Mobile? The customer service for mobile users worldwide is 10086.

It’s just that if you’re not in your home country at the time of use (e.g., you had a Beijing mobile card and went to Shaanxi; or you had a Beijing mobile card and are now in the United States), the service options won’t be as detailed when you call 10086.

And some of the service requests are not available for them to check and process.

Also, if you do the service, you have to provide the PIN of your own mobile card, and you won’t be offered the service without it.

Question 4: What is the China Mobile Xi’an customer service phone number, area code 10086,1008611

Question 5: What is the telephone area code 029 in Xi’an.

Hamyang area code and Xi’an unified, is also 029

If it is a 7-digit number, Xi’an in front of +8 (029-8 *******), Hamyang +3 (029-3 *******)

Question six: Xi’an telephone area code how many area codes are 029 Xixian integration, and now the area code of Hamyang also is 029 such a question is very simple you can search out

Question seven: Xi’an cell phone initial password is generally how much! Do not easily try, if you get a bad lock on it is not good if the pin code each card is different, you need to set the password in 1860 call or log on to the website to check on the line, or bring the owner’s ID card to the business hall to check. If you mess up the input, wrong 3 times the card will be locked, but also to spend money to re-do the card, very uneconomical, must be careful!

Question 8: What is the cell phone area code of Xi’an add +87 before the cell phone number

Question 9: How many digits is the phone code of Xi’an? In Shaanxi, Xi’an and Xianyang are 029-(8-digit number)

The rest of the cities and municipalities are 7-digit

Question 10: Xi’an, Shaanxi telephone area code 029

How to check your phone’s SMS center number

Step 1, first find your phone’s settings as shown below.

Step 2, find Messages under Settings and click on it.

Step 3, we select the SMS center number as shown in the picture.

Step 4, here you can view our SMS center number, my phone has 2 cards, one mobile and one telecom, so it is shown separately (each carrier’s SMS center number is different)

Step 5, tap on it to see your SMS center number. As you can see in the picture below. Mobile SMS center number is generally +861380xxxx500, where xxxx the four is the local area code.