991 Data Structures and Algorithms Reference Textbook

What are the exams for 991 Data Structures and C Programming course in Beihang, and what is the designated textbook for 991 Data Structures and C Programming?

The 2017 “Data Structures and C Programming” exam consists of two courses, “Data Structures” and “C Programming”, each accounting for 50% of the content. The percentage of each course is 50%. The paper will carry 150 marks.

The designated textbooks for 991 Data Structures and C Programming are:

1. Data Structures (BUAA Press) by Tang Fagen

2. C Programming (Tsinghua University Press) by Tan Haoqiang

On the way of obtaining the revision materials:

1. provide real questions, 3 yuan a copy, without answers.

There are three problems with this kind of questions: a. The year of the questions is not complete, usually only about 5 years; b. There are no answers to the questions, so that students do not have confidence. c. It is inconvenient, the printing plant work on weekdays and can only be on site.

2. From their own can be contacted from the former students to obtain

Premise is to be able to contact the appropriate students. Generally their own older siblings are given away free of charge, with the exception of individual ones. As the information has been used, the advantage is that there are notes from the senior, there is a certain reference role; but the disadvantage is also due to the handwriting, the use of the inconvenience will be unacceptable to the Virgo OCD patients. And can not get the latest information, there is also the elder sister will be very busy, all kinds of ask questions inconvenient and embarrassed.

3. Online various search, now a variety of forums will have sporadic information, heart and time can get some information, but because the information will not be very full, but also a waste of time and energy.

4. Various channels to buy, here it is recommended to buy a third-party platform to protect, such as a treasure. When encountered bad information, or improper seller’s own rights and interests are protected. There are a lot of students transferring to the so-called senior, was cheated by the pit. Be sure to open more eyes, carefully identify. If you choose to good information or a very good choice, although the money spent, but there are updates, there are services. The most important thing is to study the questions thoroughly, after the textbook to consolidate the knowledge points by using the undergraduate program of Beihang, the review process also need to have a senior to answer questions in a timely manner. In this regard, 400+ seniors can help you.

What are the reference books for data structure in computer science?

1. Textbook: “Data Structures” Yan Weimin Tsinghua University Press

This data structure textbook by Yan Weimin of Tsinghua University is the authoritative data structure textbook. It is also the most widely used textbook in China, and its breadth far exceeds that of other similar textbooks, so it must be the blueprint for the specialized subjects of computer examinations. This data structure is the latest version of 2007, completely suitable for any school of the examination of data structure review, is the most authoritative data structure learning materials.

2. Tutorial: “Algorithm and data structure examination questions analysis (second edition)” Mechanical Press

The data structure 1800 questions widely circulated online believe that as long as the computer graduate school students no one knows no one knows. In fact, 1800 questions was launched in 2001, when the editor of the electronic version of the free to share with you, but few people know that it also has a paper version of the Algorithms and Data Structures Examination Questions Analysis. The second edition was newly published in 2007, and the questions in it have been updated a lot, removing some outdated and repetitive questions, and adding a lot of exam questions from famous schools in recent years, totaling about 1650 questions. The real questions are the best weapon of training, I believe that when you review this data structure tutorial, any exam questions about data structure will be a piece of cake.

What are the classic books on data structures and algorithm design? (preferably foreign, C++ version) I am learning C++, looking for expert guidance, thank you!

First, we recommend two domestic

Yan Weimin of Tsinghua University’s “Data Structures”

Wang Xiaodong of the Electronic Industry Press “Computer Algorithm Design and Analysis”

These two books are the ones that I read when I was starting out, and they’re more classic

There are a lot of books on this subject abroad, and some of the better ones are

“Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis”

“Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis”

“Data structures and algorithmic analysis.


Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (C++ Edition) (Second Edition)


Translator: Zhang Ming and others

Electronic Industry Press