access database create relational table

In the access database to create a relationship between the table steps

1, open the database, in the “Database Tools” column click “Relationships” button.

2, the system will pop up a prompt to add the table, select the table to create a relationship, click Add.

The prompt will not be automatically closed, you need to click the “Close” button to turn it off.

3, by dragging the mouse can complete the relationship between the establishment of, for example, I drag the “student information” table in the student number, to the “course grades” table in the location of the student number.

4, pop-up “Edit Relationship” dialog box, click “Create” button, so that the relationship between the two tables.

5, which is expressed in the form of a line to connect them together. Similarly, we can also create a “course grades” table and “course information” table between the relationship. The selected relationship will be a thicker line.

6. Delete relationships. Right-click on the selected relationship (that is, on the line) to delete the relationship.

7. Referential Integrity. Relationships can be set for referential integrity so that when you change or delete records in one of the tables, it will be synchronized to the other table.

8. By default, the system does not enable referential integrity for relationships. In the “Edit Relationship” dialog box, check the “Enforce Referential Integrity”, and then check the following two options as needed, you can implement it.