Access database won’t open

Access database opens blank, what is the reason

I don’t know what kind of blank, please look for the reason in the following directions:

1) this database is empty database, please add tables, forms, queries and other database objects to use it;

2) the database view is located outside the scope of the screen display, please pull the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to make the database view appear on the screen;

3) because of the startup settings in the ACCESS options and menu-view-toolbar, unchecked any view, toolbar and other factors lead to a combination of factors, please adjust these settings;

4) there may be problems with the ACCESS system itself, in this case, you can consider re-installing MS



access database corruption, can not be opened, the urgent need to repair the data

Should be open after not properly closed caused by this depends on what the error, some can be repaired, some can not be here to give you a little bit of advice, lest you next time this problem, windows should be opened after the mdb file to follow the order of the following closure: off the table, close the database, close the software used to edit the MDB, if you do not follow the order or do not close the database directly off the editing software, installed will cause database corruption asp. MDB software, if you do not follow the order or do not close the database in the case of direct closure of the editing software, installed will cause database corruption asp to note that the database read and write immediately after the addition of the “like.close”, do not do the consequences of not only is to make your server slower and slower, often resulting in the corruption of the MDB file!

Why use ACCESS to create a database on the desktop, double-click can not be opened, but also point to select the program

Confirm that you create the same version of the database, confirm that the database file and open the program associated. If all meet, can open, otherwise to select the program. Other possibilities, is the default configuration modified by other programs, this kind is poisoning phenomenon. But I believe it is not this, but the file is not associated!

With vb6.0 can not open the ACCESS database, why

Database, it must sometimes be connected to other data files related to the call, perhaps you put the associated to a file good inside. But there are other people’s machines do not have the software! You often go to see! Or different software