Alipay Life how to register the use of

Alipay how to book a doctor’s appointment?

Question 1: Alipay how to book a doctor’s appointmentHello, you can open Alipay after the home page, find the city services. After entering the city service inside, you can find the online appointment, you can make a local city hospital registration.

Question 2: How to check the details of registered appointments in Alipay Go to Alipay and then go to the application center to find it. There is that function.

Question 3: How do I make an appointment on behalf of my family on Alipay on my phone? Online appointment booking suggests that you directly download the micro-medicine network,

in which you can bind your family’s social security card and medical card,

which is more convenient.

After clicking on Appointment Booking in Alipay,

and then clicking on the upper right corner: Personal Center,

in which there is the management of the patient,

you can add the patient.

Question 4: How to use Alipay Wallet to register for medical treatment Alipay has a registration network service window, go to the registration network and select the hospital registration can be, but now the registration network of hospitals is not complete, if there is a hospital you want to go to, you can register, if there is not, then it can not be seen.

Question 5: Alipay how to bind the clinic card can be booked to bind a new Alipay in the account:

1, go to my Taobao – Alipay binding settings.

2, click to unbind or replace the Alipay account.

3, fill in the verification code.

?4. Unbind successfully, you can bind a new Alipay.

Question six: my Alipay how to help others register first add the registered hospital life number, and then bound to register that person’s visiting card, that person does not have if you can use her ID number to build a, and then choose to register the department doctor time, payment is good

Question seven: Alipay how to bind visiting card can be booked to register into the Alipay Of course you can make an appointment in Alipay.

Question 9: How to cancel an appointment with Alipay, how to cancel a successful appointment can be viewed on the registration page

Generally there will be an appointment management to find the corresponding cancellation of the registration can be

Hope to help you

Question 10: Alipay on the reservation how to register how to register how to do can’t register You can only go to the hospital to get registered.

Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading third-party payment platform, is committed to providing “simple, safe, fast” payment solutions. Since its establishment in 2004, Alipay has always taken “trust” as the core of its products and services. Alipay has two separate brands, “Alipay” and “Alipay Wallet”. Since the second quarter of 2014, Alipay has become the largest mobile payment vendor in the world.

Alipay mainly provides payment and financial services. Including online shopping guaranteed transactions, network payments, money transfers, credit card repayments, cell phone recharge, water, electricity and coal payments, personal finance and other areas. After entering the field of mobile payment, it provides services for a number of industries such as retail department stores, movie theaters, superstore chains and cabs. It has also launched financial management services such as balance transfer.

Alipay to children how to make an appointment to register

Alipay how to make an appointment to register children? Alipay’s registration function is a lot of people like to use, you can make an appointment in advance, to the hospital will be able to directly take the number to use, convenient and time-saving, then you know how to pay treasure to the children’s appointment registration? I believe that there are still many users are not very clear, the following quickly and Xiaobian together to see it!

Alipay how to give the child appointment registration

1, click to open Alipay, and then click on the search “registration”, click to open the “registration network” of the life number.

2, in the registration network click to open the “personal center”.

3, and then click on the page “family contacts”.

4, and then in the “Add Family Contact” interface, fill in the child’s information, and then click on the following “Save” to save the child’s information.

5. Finally, return to the registration interface, click on the “Appointment Booking” option to make an appointment for your child!

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Alipay how to bind the consultation card can be booked

Bind the new Alipay in the account:

1, go to My Taobao – Alipay binding settings.

2, click unbind or change Alipay account.

3, fill in the verification code.

4, unbind successfully, you can bind a new Alipay.

Based on the specific types of problems, step-by-step disassembly / cause principle analysis / content expansion.

The specific steps are as follows:/ The main cause of this situation is?

Alipay how to make an appointment to register

Alipay how to make an appointment to register? Alipay is now an indispensable software in our daily lives, in addition to transfer payments, Alipay can also be able to make an appointment to register at the hospital to save people the inconvenience of waiting in long lines greatly facilitates our lives, many of our friends in the use of online registration are not clear how to make an appointment, in order to better help the guys Xiao Xiao Xiao is also for the guys to bring the exhaustive steps to register, I look forward to helping you all! The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new car and get it to work.

Alipay how to make an appointment

Specific steps to share:

1, open the guys phone, tap the desktop Alipay software icon.

3, tap the “medical health” logo under the column of convenient life.

4. Tap the “Appointment Booking” button at the top of the healthcare interface.

5. Select the method of registration, whether by hospital, department, or disease.