Android Cool Boot Animation Download and Installation Package

Can anyone provide me with a downloadable package, or material, of boot animations for my Android phone

Animation material is usually found on various forums, such as the beautification section of the Wizards forum. It takes a minute or two to register a number and you can download a lot of stuff.

1, RootsExplorer open to the phone memory system/media directory, click “mount as read/write”. This will allow you to read and write to your phone’s memory

2. Find the boot animation package you want to use in RootsExplorer. (No matter what the name of the downloaded boot animation package is, it should be named in order to be recognized and applied)

3. Long-press on the, and in the pop-up menu, select “Copy”


4. Go back to the system/media directory and click “Paste”. This prompted a renamed file, select “Yes” to overwrite the original boot animation package, so that they need to replace the boot animation package into the.

5, long press again, in the pop-up menu, select “Permissions”

6, as shown in the figure below to modify the permissions, modify the completion of pressing the Press “OK”. Restart the phone can be.

Installed on the phone, open, allow access to ROOT permissions, to replace the boot animation renamed according to the picture, (I have a lot of boot animation, including Hatsune Miku dancing, need to be able to ask) and then move (must move, copy can also be, but to delete the original boot animation) to the system / media folder, long press the Start-up animation file, the start-up animation file Permissions (permissions) to modify the file and then OK on it, you can use the same method to modify the alarm, cell phone on/off ringtone, cell phone ringtone, SMS alert sound. Note: Due to the different resolution of the phone, if the boot animation modification is unsuccessful, it will lead to the black screen of the phone, it is recommended to modify the boot animation before turning on the USB debugging, so that even if the modification is unsuccessful, you can use the computer to change back.

Modify Phone Boot Animation Software Download

Modifying your phone’s boot animation is a fun activity that can make your phone more personalized. And to achieve this, you need to download a software that is specifically designed to modify the boot animation of your phone. Let me explain how to download such software.

First, you need to open your phone’s app store, such as the AppStore on Apple phones or the GooglePlay store on Android phones. In the search box, type “modify phone boot animation software” or similar keywords and click the search button. You’ll get a series of search results that contain a lot of different software.

Next, you need to browse through the results carefully to get an idea of the software’s features, user reviews, and other information. In general, you should prioritize software with high ratings and large installations, which are generally more stable and have more comprehensive features.

When you have chosen a software, you can click the download button of the software to download and install it. During the download process, take care to keep your network open to ensure that the software downloads and installs correctly. Once the installation is complete, you can open this software and start modifying your phone’s boot animation.

All in all, downloading a software to modify your phone’s boot animation isn’t difficult, and you can find many different options with a simple search in the app store. Choose one that is stable and fully functional, and then follow the software’s instructions to easily modify your phone’s boot animation.

How to install the zip package software

How to install the software in the cell phone zip package

How to install the software in the cell phone zip package, the downloaded cell phone software has two formats, the suffix name of the two .apk and .rar. The .rar format of the compressed package before use need to decompress the compressed package. Here is a look at how to install software from a cell phone zip package.

How to install software on a cell phone zip package 1

Download zip unzip apk on your cell phone and install it, directly to the zip format file you downloaded and then install it.

How to decompress zip files on your phone:

First open the file management, select the zip package, click on the Zip file you want to decompress, rename the file and click OK to solve the Zip file; for the files that can’t be decompressed, you need to go to the app market to download decompression software.

Android phone boot animation file production and notes:

First of all, the compressed package inside the file, this compressed package is obviously at a glance know is the zip format, which is directly a txt file, the name of the unified:

Another thing is the folder, there may be one or two, the name is not standardized, but it is related to the definition of the desc.txt file, as we will see below, and inside the folder are the pictures in png format, which is the “animation”.

It is important to note that some people may be prepared to compress the folder and txt file, but then add a layer of folders, which leads to the animation resources can not be recognized, from the logo to the animation is a black screen, until the Android system startup before OK.

In addition to compression to zip format, we should pay attention to the choice of

In addition, when compressing to zip format, you should be careful to select the compression mode as “storage” mode.

How to install software in a zip file on a cell phone2

There are two formats of downloaded software for cell phones, the .apk and .rar suffixes. The most common for the apk format software, this can be installed directly on the phone to run. The other is the .rar format compressed package, which comes with the main software program and the data package, you need to decompress the compressed package before use.

First, directly use the phone to download and install the software

1, the phone to open our page, directly click on the Android phone to download and then download and install.

2, use the computer to find the favorite software, find this download button

Mouse to this, it will generate a QR code, we take out the phone to scan, you can directly use the phone to download the software!

Second, the computer to download files to install to the phone

1, the computer to download apk to the phone

To the computer has been downloaded on the software installed on the phone, the first thing is to connect the phone to the computer.

As the current Android system are very smart, the use of data cables to connect to the computer, double-click the “computer” will be able to see a portable device

Open this will be able to see the memory card on the phone, will be able to download a good ‘.apk file directly copied into it, and then open their own cell phones, enter the “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”, “File Management”. Then open your phone and go to “File Management” to find the .apk file you just copied and install it directly.

2, the computer to download the .rar compressed package to the phone

If you download the .