ascii code for the letter G

What is the ASCII code for the character g, and what is the binary number stored in a computer?

Looking up the table above, we can see that the decimal code corresponding to g is 103 and the binary is 1100111.

This table is easy to look up. Of course for efficiency, some common ones can be memorized.

For example, letters and numbers, it is very simple to remember the first corresponding decimal number, 0 is 48, a is 97, A is 65. For example, a is 97, the alphabet g and a difference of 6 bits, then g is 97 + 6 = 103.

ASCII code for the whole known as AmericanStandardCodeforInformationInterchange,whichisanAmericanStandardCodeforInformationInterchange.The7-bitcharactersetiswidelyusedtorepresentcharactersorsymbolsonstandardU.S.keyboards. By standardizing the values used for these characters, ASCII allows computers and computer programs to exchange information.The ASCII character set is identical to the first 128 (0-127) characters in the ANSI character set.