Books on linux kernel source code in detail

What are good introductory books to read if you want to learn the linux kernel?

If you are new to the Linux kernel, it is recommended that you buy a book called Understanding the Linux Kernel in Depth, which is simpler compared to the book Linux Kernel Design and Reality! You can also look at, “Linux kernel source code analysis”

The Linux Kernel Essentials 75 Must-Have Stunts for a Proficient Linux Kernel epub download read online, request cloud resources

The Linux Kernel Essentials (MunehiroIKEDA) eBook netbook download for free online reading

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Book Name: Linux Kernel Essentials

Author: MunehiroIKEDA

Translator: Yang Ting

Douban Score: 7.0

Publisher: Mechanical Industry Publishing House Huanzhang Company

Publication Year:2013-3-1



经过近20年的发展,Linux操作系统已经成为当今最成功的开源软件之一,使用广泛,影响深远。 With the continuous enrichment and improvement of the functions of the Linux operating system, the source code of the Linux kernel has also increased from tens of thousands of lines at the beginning to millions of lines today, which is immense, and it is by no means easy for researchers and developers of the Linux kernel to systematically study the Linux kernel. In view of this, this book selects core topics such as resource management (CPU, memory, processes, etc.), file system, networking, virtualization, power saving, debugging, summary analysis, tracing, and kernel tuning of the Linux kernel for in-depth analysis and explanations, and summarizes 75 tips and best practices that can enable readers to understand the essence of the Linux kernel in a profound way.


MunehiroIKEDA became convinced of the possibilities of free software/open source software after witnessing the X68000’s gcc generating code several times faster than mainstream compilers during his college days. Since then, after working as a coffee shop clerk, a production technician, and a hardware engineer, he finally started working on Linux kernel development. One of the most attractive aspects of this industry is the ability to interact with the world’s best technicians across companies and even borders. Now living in the US, I love playing music, have been a drummer, a vocalist, and have been playing bass for the last few years. Both as a technician and bassist enjoy working behind the scenes, just naturally don’t like to do it halfway.

I want to learn linux kernel development, please recommend books

The content of “Linux kernel design and implementation” is not too deep, but very comprehensive. The book is also not too thick and looks confident.

Linux Device Driver LDD3, nothing to say the classic books, read the last book to see this one.

The book is also these, but you may still look very difficult, it is a very tangled process, slowly accumulate, it will get better and better, in addition to reading the book, but also to read the kernel source code, there is no book is higher than the source code, it can also be said that the source code is the best teaching material.

And these books have a lot of things may have been and now the new source code can not be, so read the book is only auxiliary, understand the principles and ideas on the good. The most important thing is the source code!

Understanding the LINUX kernel in depth pdf download read online, seek Baidu net disk cloud resources

Deep understanding of the LINUX kernel (DanielP.Bovet) e-book netbook download free online reading

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Title: Deeper Understanding of the LINUX Kernel

Author: DanielP.Bovet

Douban rating: 9.0

Publisher: Southeast University Press

Publication year: 2006-4-1

Pages: 923


In order to thoroughly understand what makes Linux work and why it works so well on a variety of different systems, you need to delve into the most essential parts of the kernel. The kernel handles all the interactions between the CPU and the outside world, and decides which programs will share processor time in what order. It manages limited memory so efficiently that hundreds of processes can share the system efficiently. It skillfully orchestrates data transfers so that the CPU doesn’t have to spend longer than normal waiting for a relatively slow hard disk.

Deeper Understanding of the Linux Kernel, Third Edition guides you through a traversal of the most important data structures, algorithms, and programming know-how used in the kernel. By exploring the surface features, the authors give valuable insights to those who want to know how their machines work. Important properties specific to Intel are discussed throughout the book. Relevant code snippets are dissected line by line. However, the book covers more than just the functionality of the code; it explains the theoretical underpinnings of how Linux works in its own way.

This book will give you an understanding of all the inner workings of Linux; it is more than just a theoretical exercise. You’ll learn which situations Linux performs best, and you’ll see how it meets the need to provide good system response when it comes to process scheduling, file access, and memory management in a large number of different environments. This book will help you make the most of your Linux system.

About the author:

Bovee, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Full Professor at the University of Rome, Torvergata, Italy.

Dr. Chesatti, Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science, Assistant Researcher, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome, Torvergata.