cdr shortcut ctrl l

CDR shortcut keys!

CDR shortcuts are as follows:

1, select the entire graphic file [Ctrl] + [A]

2, height/contrast/intensity [Ctrl] + [B]

3, copy the selected items to the clipboard [Ctrl] + [C]

4, select the object again and offset it by a specified distance [Ctrl 】+【D】

5、Export text or objects to another format [Ctrl】+【E】

6、Import text or objects [Ctrl】+【I】

7、Selected objects to form groups [Ctrl】+【G】

8、Open the dialog box to set CorelDRAW options [Ctrl】+【J】!

9, split the selected object [Ctrl] + [K]

10, combined with the selected object [Ctrl] + [L]

11, add / remove the text object’s bullets (toggle) [Ctrl] + M

12, to create a new drawing document [Ctrl] + [N]

13, open an existing drawing document [Ctrl]+[O]

14, print the current drawing [Ctrl]+[P]

15, the selected object will be converted to a curve [Ctrl]+[Q]

16, repeat the last operation [Ctrl]+[R]

17, save the current drawing [Ctrl]+[S]

18, undo the current drawing [Ctrl]+[S]

18, undo the current drawing [Ctrl]+[S]

19, save the current drawing [Ctrl]+[S]

18, undo the previous operation [Ctrl]+[Z]

19, set the format of the text attribute [Ctrl]+[T]

Extended information

In CorelDRAW provides a variety of different types of lenses, some lenses can change the color of the object, some lenses can change the shape of the object . Each type of lens has different setup parameters that can be used to adjust the effect of the lens.

1. “Brightening” lenses

Brightening lenses can brighten or darken the object underneath the lens.

2. “Color Add” Lens

The Color Add lens can simulate additional light models. Imagine a black background with three point light sources, red, blue and green, which are glowing at the same time. At the intersection of the three light sources, the resulting color effect is white light, while the intermediate colors are magenta, cyan, and yellow. When creating a color additive lens, the colors underneath the lens are added to the color of the lens, as if you were going to mix the colors of the light.

3. “Color-limited” lenses

Color-limited lenses are similar to filters on a camera, in that they only allow black and the color of the lens itself to pass through.

CorelDraw combined object to use the shortcut keys

CorelDraw combined object shortcut keys are: Ctrl + L

In the early version of the CDR is called a combination of the higher version is called “merger”, and the CDR has two mergers, Ctrl + L effect! The Ctrl+L effect is as follows:

The merge effect is as follows:

cdr shortcuts Daquan table, teach you to quickly operate cdr!

Everyone in the operation of cdr to produce vector graphics, there should be a worry that in the operation of the process of one option to open in order to find the corresponding tool, which greatly wasted a lot of time, the work efficiency is reduced by a lot! For such a situation, in fact, there are ways to solve! That is the use of shortcut commands! The following for you to share some cdr shortcuts to help you can quickly use cdr to create graphics!

Select All:Ctrl+A








Transform Window:Ctrl+Tab


Import Ctrl+I

Open Options dialog box:Ctrl+J

Remake selected objects and offset by specified distance:Ctrl+D

Copy distances, angles, values, scales, colors, etc.

Copy attributes (CDR9):Ctrl+Shift+A

Open formatting of text attributes:Ctrl+Tab

Cancel. >Open formatting of text attributes:Ctrl+T

Open text dialog:Ctrl+Shift+T

Change case:Shift+F3

Fine-tune word spacing on a single line (reduce):Ctrl+Shift+,

Fine-tune word spacing on a single line (increase):Ctrl+Shift+.

Decrease the font size to the previous font size setting:Ctrl+Smaller Keyboard 2/4

Increase the font size to the previous font size setting:Ctrl+Smaller Keyboard 6/8

Change the text alignment to scattered alignment:Ctrl+H

Change the text alignment to unaligned:Ctrl+N

Change the text alignment to fully aligned:Ctrl+ J

Change text alignment to left: Ctrl+L

Change text alignment to center: Ctrl+E

Change text alignment to right: Ctrl+R

Convert artwork to paragraph text: Ctrl+F8

Place selected objects behind:Shift+[PageDown]

Place selected objects to the front:Shift+[PageUp]

Place selected objects one position back:Ctrl+[PageDown]

Place selected objects one position forward:Ctrl+[PageUp]

Combine selected objects:Ctrl+[L]

Split selected objects:Ctrl+[K]

Combine selected objects into groups:Ctrl+[K]

Split selected objects:Ctrl+[K]

Select Group Selected Objects:Ctrl+[G]

Deselect Object Groups:Ctrl+[U]

Convert Selected Objects to Curves:Ctrl+[Q]

Convert Outlines to Objects:Ctrl+Shift+[Q]

Temporary Magnifier:F2

Shrink Graphics in Drawing:F3>

Scale All Objects to Maximum:F4

Zoom selected objects to maximum:Shift+[F2]

Shift the camera relative to the drawing: [Alt]+[↑, ↓, ←, →]

Display a full-screen preview of the drawing: [F9]

Display the entire printable page:Shift+[F4]

Pan the drawing: [H]

Align selected objects up: [T]

Align selected objects down. [B]

Left align selected objects: [L]

Right align selected objects: [R]

Horizontal align center of selected objects: [E]

Vertical align center of selected objects: [C]

Align center of selected objects to center of page: [P]

Open the Align and Distribute dialog box: [[Alt]+[A]+[F4]

Open the Outline Pen dialog box: [F12]

Open the Outline Color dialog box: Shift+[F12]

Apply gradient fills to objects: [F11]

Apply Standard Apply Fill to Objects:Shift+[F11]

Edit an object’s nodes:[F10]

Add Fill to Objects:[G]

Open the Position Docking Window:Alt+[F7]

Open the Rotate Docking Window:Alt+[F8]

Open the Zoom and Mirror Docking Window:Alt+[F9]

Open the Size Docking window”:Alt+[F10]

Open “Symbol Docking Window”:Ctrl+[F11]

Open “Filter Docking Window”:Alt+[F3]

Well, the above is a simple to share some of us in the use of the cdr software to draw graphics more commonly used some of the shortcut command, I believe that everyone in the memorization and the flexible use of these commands, then in the back of the Vector graphics drawing work must be able to greatly enhance the efficiency of the work! Follow, every day for you to share the fresh knowledge ~!

CDR Shortcut Keys

Today, I’ve compiled a list of “CDR Shortcut Keys” to help you gradually become proficient in CDR!

Display Shortcuts

[F9] Preview Full Screen

[Ctrl+W] Refresh

[Shift+F9] View

[Ctrl+Enter] Toggle Attribute Bar

[PgUp] Show Previous Page in Multi-Page Document

[PgDn] Show Next Page in Multi-Page Document or Insert New Page

Toolbar Shortcuts

[Y] Polygon Tool

[F8] Text Tool

[F6] Rectangle Tool

[ F7] Ellipse Tool

[F10] Shaping Tool

[F5] Previous Curve Tool

[Ctrl+Spacebar] Toggle Selection Tool

Document Management Shortcuts

[Ctrl+P] Printing

[Ctrl+N] New File

[Ctrl+S] Save File

[Ctrl+O] Open Existing File

[Ctrl+J] Go to Options Dialog

[Ctrl+E] Output File from CrelDRAW

[Ctrl+I] Import File into CrelDRAW

Display Scale/Panning Shortcut

[ F2] Zoom In

[F3] Zoom Out

[H] Panning Tools

[Alt+↓] Pan Down

[Alt+↑] Pan Up

[Alt+→] Pan Right

[Alt+←] Pan Left

[F4] Zoom In on All Objects

[ Shift+F4] Zoom to Page

[Shift+F2] Zoom in on Selected Objects

[Ctrl+F2] Open View Manager

Object Management Shortcuts

[Ctrl+L] Merge

[Ctrl+K] Split

[Ctrl+G] Group

< p>[Ctrl+Y] Fit Grid Points

[Ctrl+U] Undo Group

[Ctrl+Q] Turn into Curve

[Alt+Enter] Show Properties

[Ctrl+A] Select All Objects

[Ctrl+Shift+Q] Convert Outer Frame

[ Ctlr+F5] Open Styles Docking Window

Editing Shortcuts

[Ctrl+C] Copy

[Ctrl+V] Paste

[Ctrl+Shift+Z] Redo

[Ctrl+Z] Resume Last Operation

[Ctrl+R] Repeat Last operation

[Delete] Remove from File

[Ctrl+D] Copy Selected Objects

[Ctrl+Shift+A] Copy Attributes

[Ctrl+Insert] Copy to Clipboard

[Shift+Insert] Paste Clipboard Content

Alt+Backspace] Resume last operation

[++Copy] Copy selected objects on top of the original objects

Alignment/Distribution Shortcuts

[T] Top Alignment

[B] Bottom Alignment

[R] Right Alignment

[L] Left Alignment

[C] Vertical Center Alignment

[E] Horizontal Center Alignment

[P] Page Center Alignment

Morphing Shortcuts

[Ctrl+F8] Rotate

[Ctrl+F10] Size

[Ctrl+F7] Open Position

[Ctrl+F9] Zoom and Mirror

Fill in the Colors/ Frame Shortcuts

[F12] Frame Pen

[F11] Gradient Fill

[Shift+F11] Standard Fill

[Shift+F12] Frame Pen Colors

Order/Position Shortcuts

[↓] Fine-tune Smaller Selection Objects

[↑] Fine-tune Larger Selection Objects

[→] Fine-tune selection to the right

[←] Fine-tune selection to the left

[Ctrl+PgDn] Back one

[Ctrl+PgUp] Forward one

[Ctrl+PgDn] to the very back

[Ctrl+PgUp] to the very front

[Shift+↓] The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box tweaks the selection object down

[Shift+↑] The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box tweaks the selection object up

[Shift+→] The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box tweaks the selection object right

[Shift+←] The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box tweaks the selection object left

[Shift+←] The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box tweaks the selection object The value specified in the Precision Trim Options dialog box trims the selection to the left