Cumulative sum of word table values

In WORD, how to calculate the total value of a table (that is, summing)?

1, the computer to open Word, the cursor is positioned in the summing cell.

2, click on the toolbar in the layout.

3, enter the table layout page, click the toolbar in the formula.

4, click on the pop-up formula window, the default is = SUM (LEFT) sum formula, click OK.

5, click OK, you can get the total value.

How to calculate the sum using a table in word?

You can insert excel tables and thus use excel tables in word, so as to achieve the purpose of the calculation.

1. word in the table in the calculation of the sum of the method: (demo for word2010) 1, select the table, or put the cursor in the cell you need to sum, and then click on the form tools – layout – data. Data under the black arrow to hide the formula function, if you maximize the word can be seen directly. (In word2003 directly click on the menu – Form – Formula can be.) 2, click the cursor on the first column of the last sum, click the formula pop-up dialog box, and then in the Paste function to find the sum function. 3, when the withdrawal of the direct click on the formula will be based on the location of the cursor is automatically generated = SUM (ABOVE) or = SUM (LEFT), if there is no such thing, then you can make up for the full 4, LEFT is the number of calculations to the left and, ABOVE is the calculation of Above the sum of the data in the cell.

2. Simple way is: from the last line will be placed in the results of the cursor in the cell (that is, the cursor is placed in the payroll) – “Forms” – “Formulas “, = SUM (LEFT), and then use the same method to do the penultimate line, and so on. Because the WORD in the calculation of the default is the priority of the column, when you press the first line, the second line …… of the order of the sum, the computer will first of all the column in the previous line of the number of figures add up, you can look at your copy of the form, in fact, did not calculate the actual salary of each person, and when only the first person’s actual salary is calculated, and then the second person with the The first person’s salary is the same as the first person’s, and the third person’s is the sum of the first person’s and the second person’s salaries, not the second person’s and the third person’s salaries.

How to sum in word document

First of all, open the document with word, find the table you want to ask for and. Position the cursor in the sum of the value of the cell, and then click on the menu bar in the [Layout] – [Formula].

Method 1: in the need to sum up the form, select a cursor will need to appear in the sum of the form box, and then you can see that there is a [Forms Tools] tab above, click on the [Formula]; in the pop-up formula options, select the [= SUM (ABOVE)] click on OK can be;

, Method 2: Open the document, the same will be positioned in the sum of the value of the cursor where the cell, and then click on the menu bar on the [Layout] – [Formula]; the same is the emergence of the formula options summary selection [= SUM ()], within the brackets is the location of the data, click OK to see the sum of the data appear.