excel function preceded by a number

How to add a number before the existing number in the EXCEL table?

In the EXCEL form of the existing number of numbers before the unified plus a number, you can set up in the cell formatting numbers.

Method steps are as follows:

1, open the need to operate the EXCEL form, select the need to add the number of cells, right-click, select “Set Cell Format”.

2, in the number of tabs, select “Custom”, and in the type of input: “9” 0 (the number 9 can be changed as needed, pay attention to the use of quotation marks in the state of quotes in the English language), and then click OK button.

3, return to the EXCEL form found that all the numbers have been unified before adding a number.

exclesum have a number in front of will not sum function constraint

will have constraints.

1, the use of sum function in excel, sum in front of a number of constraints will produce an error in the calculation.

2, sum function refers to the return of a cell region in the number of numbers, logical values and numbers of text expressions and.

3, if the parameters of the wrong value or for the text can not be converted to digital, will lead to errors.

4, sum function syntax is sum (number1, [number2] …) .

5, number1 is to add the first number, the number can be a number, or A1 in Excel and other cell references, number2 which is to add the second number, and so on.

When using excel, want to add a number in front of all cell text, which function should be used?


For example, if you want to add the number 0 in front of a1, type: =”0″&a1 in b1

If you want to get this effect in the current column, you can customize the formatting to be “0”@

Customize Formatting commands in the Format menu, Cell Commands, Numbers tab in the last item.