excel sums up to 0

Please teach, why EXCEL inside the automatic summation, the result is 0?

EXCEL inside the automatic summation, the result is 0, because there is a cell in the content is not a numerical type, change the numerical type can be.

Tools/materials: MicrosoftOfficeExcel2016 version, Excel table.

1, first select the Excel table, double-click to open.

2, and then in this interface, select the cell being summed.

3, followed by the interface, right-click the pop-up menu in the “Set Cell Format” option.

4, and then in the interface, select the “value” category.

5, followed by the interface, click “OK” button.

6. Finally, in the interface, the correct auto-summing results are successfully displayed.

In excel, if the result of summing is displayed as 0, how to deal with it?

In Excel, if the result of a sum displays 0, this is usually one of the following:

1. Incorrect number formatting: make sure the cells contain numbers, not text. You can test this by typing an arbitrary number in these cells or clearing any formatting settings in the cells. You can also change the formatting of text-formatted cells to numeric formatting by selecting these cells, right-clicking, choosing Format Cells, and then selecting the Numeric category.

2. Incorrect cell range: Make sure you select the correct range of cells, especially when using the SUM function. If you are not sure, you can enter the range completely manually into the formula.

3. Cells contain empty cells or wrong cells: Please check that you need to add the cells are contained in the number, if any of the cells contain empty cells or wrong cells, then the result will be 0. You can use the IFERROR function, nested in the formula of an IFERROR function in order to filter out any value for the wrong cell.

4. number formatting errors: Make sure the number formatting has been repaired. Some cells may not be able to add the number and can only be arranged in a certain format, such as date format or percentage format. This may cause the formula to return unexpected results, please ensure that you are using the number format can be added.

If none of the above methods solve the problem you’re experiencing, you may want to consider fixing it before opening the Excel file, or reinstalling the Excel software.

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